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GEM-Pack and Well-Pict Berries merge operations

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IRVINE, CA, May 29, 2023 – GEM-Pack Berries, LLC BB #:332864 and Well-Pict Berries BB #:116141 are forging a new partnership, combining companies to build an industry leading team of berry expertise.

GEM-Pack is excited to welcome the Well-Pict team and its impactful brand into the company’s already dynamic assemblage.

In 2020, Gem-Pack added Red Blossom Sales, Inc. and Mainland Farms, Mexico to their partnership. The latest addition of Well-Pict Berries will strengthen Gem-Pack’s commitment to providing customers with an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Tim Miyasaka founded Well-Pict Berries in 1972 with the determination to cultivate the world’s most perfect strawberries. He has since established Well-Pict as a berry industry leader based on the Well-Pict proprietary varieties that delight customers and consumers alike with their flavor, size, and consistent quality. Tim’s investment and innovation in the berry industry has set him apart as a true berry visionary.

Gem-Pack is particularly excited to add Well-Pict’s berry engineering and science know-how to their established team of berry pros.

“Well-Pict will give us greater depth and breadth in the industry, adding not just volume throughout the full berry patch and seasons, but also deepening a shared passion for berry innovation, along with an unprecedented team of expertise in berry science,” says Paul Kawamura, CMO, Gem-Pack Berries.

GEM-Pack is part of a consortium in the berry category (CBC, LLC) establishing a pathway to develop proprietary varieties throughout several growing regions. As part of their commitment to sustainability, GEM-Pack continues to develop their patented “Earth Made” project focused on 100% sustainable and organic growing practices and technologies.

Well-Pict’s commitment to berry science and innovation is clearly a natural fit with Gem-Pack. Best stated by Dan Crowley, VP of Sales & Marketing at Well-Pict: “We look forward to building on layers of ingenuity and expertise in the field and office, generating far-reaching benefits for our customers and the berry industry.”

Media Contact:
Michelle Deleissegues
VP Marketing, Gem-Pack Berries, LLC