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Oishii to use robots for vertical farm strawberries

Oishii and Yaskawa Electric partner for vertical farming innovations
Oishii Co-Founder and CEO Hiroki Koga inside one of the company’s farm with the Koyo Berry. Photo courtesy of Oishii

Yaskawa’s advanced robotics technology will pair with Oishii’s intelligent facility management systems to power a more efficient indoor farm

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY – May 31, 2023 – Today, vertical farming leader Oishii announced a strategic partnership with Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a leading industrial robotics company based in Japan. Together, the companies will develop new automation solutions to optimize vertical farming methods and scale output. 

A series of Yaskawa robotic arms will power the world’s largest vertical strawberry farm, operated by Oishii. The robots will work in concert with Oishii’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, and urban farmers to harvest strawberries at the peak of freshness.

When paired with Oishii’s proprietary tech stack – which includes crop management algorithms, environmental controls, and energy monitors – Yaskawa’s innovations will deliver new efficiencies to reduce food, energy, and water waste.

The collaboration between the two brands will also accelerate Oishii’s ability to scale globally. With the introduction of advanced automation across all of Oishii’s farm facilities, the brand will be able to meet the substantial demand for their vertically farmed strawberries.

“Yaskawa is one of the most respected names in industrial robotics today. Like Oishii, they are guided by the pursuit of quality and believe technology can solve some of the world’s most pressing issues,” said Hiroki Koga, Co-Founder and CEO of Oishii. “We’re honored to partner with a company that is invested in our mission to reinvent the future of agriculture. Together, we will deliver forward-looking solutions to bring clean, delicious produce to more people.”  

As the first vertical farming company to perfect the strawberry at commercial scale, Oishii harmoniously marries nature, technology, and farming techniques perfected for decades in Japan to grow its prized fruit, which is pollinated naturally with bees. The hyper-locally grown produce is farmed without pesticides and is perfectly ripe year-round.

The partnership comes on the heels of momentous growth for the company. In February, Oishii introduced a new cultivar called The Koyo Berry, marked by its refreshing sweetness, balanced acidity, fragrant aroma, and slightly firm texture. The Koyo Berry joins Oishii’s beloved Omakase Berry, which is renowned for its sweetness, aroma, and creamy texture. 

In May 2022, the brand opened Mugen Farm, the world’s largest indoor strawberry farm which spans over 74,000 square feet. The farm uses 60% less energy and 40% less water than the company’s first-generation facilities.

The vertical farming innovator is also in development on new types of flowering produce.

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About Oishii

Oishii (“delicious” in Japanese) is an innovative company transforming agriculture through vertical farming. The company is behind the world’s largest indoor vertical strawberry farm. Harmoniously marrying nature with technology, Oishii has recreated the elements—rain, air, heat, light, and nourishment—to preserve and embrace nature’s finest for the perfect fruit every time, all year round. Oishii is known for their Omakase Berry and Koyo Berry, special Japanese strawberries grown pesticide-free in the company’s vertical farms located just outside of Manhattan. Founded in 2016, Oishii’s investors include SPARX Group, Sony Innovation Fund, PKSHA Technology, and Social Starts. The company was recognized as one of Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies” in 2022. For more information, visit

About Yaskawa Electric 

Yaskawa is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of factory automation fields with industrial robots, as well as motion controls such as AC servo drives and inverters. Since 1915, Yaskawa has served the world’s need for products to improve global productivity through automation.