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Sunset releases the Fifth Taste: Umami Bombs snacking tomatoes

sunset umami bombs

Kingsville, ON (April 24, 2023) – Mastronardi Produce BB #:115453 has revealed its latest product launch with the addition of Umami The Fifth Taste to its award-winning line of snacking tomatoes on the vine.

This addition brings a whole new flavor profile to the Bombs selection with a sweet and savory taste that complements its current lineup of sweet flavor. This snacking tomato is a unique red hue and is carefully cultivated to be as exquisite in flavor as it is in appearance.

The Umami Bomb is named after a Japanese word that has been used in the West to describe an elusive savory flavor, one that doesn’t fit into our four traditional flavor categories of sweet, salty, sour, or bitter – that is to say, “the fifth taste”.

“It’s no coincidence that we’re releasing Umami The Fifth Taste as our fifth Bomb,” explains Paul Mastronardi, President & CEO of Mastronardi Produce Ltd. “Umami is a totally unique flavor that will fascinate our loyal Bombs consumers. We are extremely eager to bring this to market and continue to lead innovation in the fastest-growing tomato segment.”

Like the other Bombs snacking tomatoes, Umami tomatoes are ripened to perfection and packed on the vine, delivering optimal flavor and freshness. The line is made up of the popular Flavor Bombs, Sugar Bombs, Honey Bombs, and Lolli Bombs which have created huge demand and a cult-like following among consumers.

Unveiling Umami for the first time at CPMA, attendees can get a first look at The Fifth Taste at the SUNSET booth, #1021.

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