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Taylor Farms introduces mini chopped salad kits

taylor farms mini chopped salad kits

April 3rd, 2023 — If you’re a fan of Taylor Fresh Foods, Inc. BB #:193361 chopped salad kits, we’ve got some great news. Introducing our new Mini Chopped Salad Kits! Now you can enjoy many of your favorite chopped salad kits (and even some new ones) in a practical, single-serving size that’s all for you.

You still get the same carefully curated mix of fresh vegetables, complementary toppings, and drizzle-worthy dressings ready to be enjoyed right out of the bag—but in a convenient size that’s perfectly portioned for one person. Take them to school, enjoy them on a break at work, or stock up at home, so you always have plenty of fresh salad choices to pick from, without the waste.

Get acquainted with our new Mini Chopped Salad Kits selections below:

You know how the saying goes: “Nashville: where the weather is sometimes hot, but the sauce is usually hotter.” What? You’ve never heard of that saying? That’s okay because we totally made it up. This mini chopped kit takes the savory and spicy kick of the hot sauce associated with a classic Nashville hot chicken recipe and reimagines it in salad form. We’re combining fresh romaine lettuce, dill pickle-seasoned crispy cucumbers, and a creamy Nashville Hot ranch dressing that packs a nice bit of heat from cayenne pepper to keep things true to form. Simple, effective, and absurdly delicious.

While this kit obviously doesn’t come with chicken, you’re more than welcome to toss on some grilled chicken (or even breaded chicken tenders) to add more protein.

Sometimes it’s best to ask the question: why not both? And now, we have the answer. This mini chopped kit merges the familiar, bold tastes of classic ranch dressing with the savory, zesty, umami-packed tastes of green goddess dressing. The result? A rich, creamy, and utterly harmonious blend of flavors that complements a bed of fresh red and savoy cabbage, green leaf lettuce, carrot, green onion, and deliciously crunchy cheese and garlic crouton crumbles.

Yeah, we know. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? That’s a valid question as well, but what matters is that these mini chopped salad kits are available now, so be sure to pick a few of them up so you can experience this genius creation for yourself.

Upon hearing or seeing the term “pizza ranch,” some people may first picture a literal ranch with pizza instead of livestock. And even though we have no idea how that would work, we’ll admit that it does sound pretty great. However, unlike a hypothetical ranch of pizza, our new Pizza Ranch Mini Chopped Kit is a real thing, and we absolutely know how it works because we made it. And it’s delicious.

We achieved this impressive feat by combining the familiar flavors of pizza with a cool, creamy, and zesty ranch dressing. Then we put together a fresh mix of red and savoy cabbage, green leaf lettuce, carrot, and green onion to go with it. But what about toppings? We’re glad you asked. Cheese and garlic crouton crumbles provide a bit of crunch, and, of course, we had to throw in a hefty portion of parmesan cheese to top it all off. And there you have it: all the flavors of a pizza with a fraction of the carbs, all packed into a single, convenient serving that’s just for you.

Meanwhile, you’re all welcome to take the idea of a pizza ranch and run with it. But please be sure to let us know how it works out because it does sound a little tricky.

Can a salad be refreshing? We certainly think so. Our Citrus Crunch Mini Chopped Salad Kit starts with a mix of red and savoy cabbage, green leaf lettuce, shredded broccoli, carrot, and green onion, along with plenty of diced almonds to give each bite a hearty crunch. Toss it all together with a tangy lemon vinaigrette, and now you have a vibrant and, yes, refreshing salad perfectly portioned just for you. Or maybe someone you like enough to give one to (which can still be yourself).

We love enjoying one of these mini chopped salad kits for light lunch, but you can easily make it a fuller meal just by adding some grilled chicken or shrimp. Come to think of it, that sounds like a great dinner as well. Would it be wrong to eat two of these in one day? (No, of course not.)

No need to reinvent the wheel with this one—our Caesar Mini Chopped Salad Kit is a classic take on a longtime favorite. Only, well, mini-er. Each kit includes fresh romaine lettuce, crunchy cheese and garlic crouton crumbles, parmesan cheese, and a creamy caesar dressing with the perfect balance of flavors to please even the most discriminate Caesar salad connoisseur (yes, they exist—and some of them work here).

And not that you need us to remind you, but this is yet another salad that goes great with added proteins like grilled chicken or shrimp.

Now that you know all about our new Mini chopped Salad Kits, it’s time to go try them for yourself! Use our product locator to find our Taylor Farms Mini Chopped Kits nearest to you.