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Elevate Farms begins operations at first U.S. farm in Orange, ‎NJ

Elevate Farms begins operations at first U.S. farm in Orange, ‎New Jersey
Elevate Farms Announces Commencement of Operations at first U.S. Farm, located in City of Orange, ‎New Jersey (CNW Group/Elevate Farms Inc.)

Toronto – Elevate Farms Inc. , a tech-based vertical farming company focused on cost-effectively growing leafy green vegetables at mass scale, is pleased to announce the commencement of operations at its first wholly owned US farm, located in Orange, New Jersey (“Elevate New Jersey“).

The entire Elevate New Jersey facility measures 14,000 square feet (1,300 square meters) which includes 4,750 square feet (441 square meters) of unmanned, fully autonomous, grow room space along with processing, packaging and administration. The farm has a capacity to produce up to 11,000,000 plants, or equal to 500,000 pounds (227,000 kilograms) of plants, annually.

Located only 20-miles from Manhattan, Elevate New Jersey is exceptionally well positioned on the US Eastern Seaboard. Our facility is able to locally supply and distribute food to an astounding 19 million people – all within a one-hour drive of the facility. This latest Elevate Farm facility is among the most efficient in the world with over 105 lbs per foot of annual production over the grow area and fewer than 15 employees.

Elevate Farms is committed to building farms to supply high quality, locally grown, fresh produce to feed the masses. With plans for expansion in the US, New Zealand and Central Europe, Elevate Farms will look to become one of the largest producers of leafy greens in the world.

“The entire team has been working relentlessly to bring this latest farm on line. We are extremely pleased with the early results from New Jersey” said Kevin Epp the Chief Operating Officer of Elevate Farms.

“At over 100 pounds per square foot of grow space, Elevate Farms is among the most efficient vertical farms in the world. This latest farm will be supplying high quality leafy greens directly to wholesale distribution in the North East, a model which we expect to replicate around the world in the near future” said Amin Jadavji, the Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Farms.

About Elevate Farms

Elevate Farms Inc., a patented technology-driven vertically stacked indoor farming enterprise, is developing high-yield and competitively priced leafy-green food production systems towards realizing a ?safe and sustainable future. With well over a decade of advanced photobiology research already deployed Elevate Farms has built farms in several countries on multiple continents and offers a truly scalable global solution.