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Superfresh Growers’ EverCrisp having strong season

Superfresh Growers 'EverCrisp' apple, a Rising Star

Yakima, WA – Superfresh Growers BB #:113721 second Washington State EverCrisp apple crop is off to a great start. A rising star born in the Midwest, EverCrisp is now also enjoying a solid retail focus across the coastal and mountain west, south-central, and beyond.

EverCrisp’s name comes from its unmatched ability to hold freshness and sweetness, a trait inherited from its parents, Honeycrisp and Fuji. Fans love its powerful crunch and sweet, juicy bite.

EverCrisp is outperforming the apple category. In January, Nielsen data show it was up 26% in dollars, up 27% in volume, and was heavily promoted across the U.S. One-third of January sales came from promotions.

Superfresh Growers has multiple packaging options including bulk, pouch & poly bags. They have PoS and an in-house marketing team ready to help with merchandising support. To leverage EverCrisp’s power in your apple lineup, contact your representative at Superfresh Growers today.

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