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Topline Farms gains shelf life on greenhouse mini cucumbers

New, ground-breaking technology that adds shelf life to greenhouse grown mini cucumbers

Orlando, Florida – Topline Farms, a leading producer of high-quality Greenhouse-grown vegetables, has once again joined forces with Apeel Sciences, BB #:345580 pioneers of shelf-life extension technologies, to introduce an innovative new greenhouse-grown produce item. The latest addition to their successful partnership is the Apeel-Protected Mini Cucumber, a fresh and flavorful offering that will last up to three days longer than traditional mini cucumbers.

This exciting development builds on the tremendous success of Topline Farms’ previous collaboration with Apeel Sciences where they removed the plastic packaging from English Cucumbers, saving the equivalent of nearly three plastic straws per cucumber. Plastic-free cucumbers have already proven to be a game-changer for retailers, now meeting the sustainability demands of their shoppers.

Apeel Sciences’ innovative technology creates more time for produce through an edible, plant-based coating that extends the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables by keeping moisture in and oxygen out, ultimately preventing waste. This plant-based protection allows consumers more time to enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of a mini cucumber without having to worry about spoilage.

“We are thrilled to partner once again with Apeel Sciences to bring another innovative produce item to the market,” said Dino DiLaudo, VP of Sales at Topline Farms. “Their cutting-edge technology is making a real difference in extending the life of fresh produce, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation.”

“Giving more time to fresh produce unlocks new opportunities for the entire industry, including new packaging and merchandising techniques that can enhance consumer experience and demand,” said Lou Perez, SVP of Innovation at Apeel Sciences. “We are already seeing this play out with plastic-free English cucumbers, and are excited to see innovative leaders like Topline eager to introduce new technologies to create a more sustainable food system.”

Topline Farms and Apeel Sciences will be showcasing their new longer-lasting mini cucumbers at the Southern Exposure Produce Trade Show, taking place March 2-4 in Orlando, Florida. “Debuting this product at the SEPC trade show is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our partnership with Apeel and to highlight the impact their technology is having on preventing food waste and increasing the shelf life of fresh produce” explains Joseph Talbourdet, Director of Marketing at Topline Farms.

To learn more about longer-lasting greenhouse-grown mini cucumbers, visit or

Visit Topline Farms and Apeel Sciences at booth #1006 at the Southern Exposure Produce Trade Show in Orlando, March 2-4 to learn more.

Contact: Joseph Talbourdet, Director of Marketing Topline Farms +1 519-400-3937

About Topline Farms

Topline Farms is a leading Greenhouse Grower of high-quality vegetables, committed to providing consumers with fresh, nutritious produce that is both delicious and sustainable. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Topline Farms is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

About Apeel


Apeel is on a mission to create a more sustainable global food system by working with nature to use the power of materials and data sciences. Apeel’s plant-based protection allows for longer-lasting produce by using materials already found in the skins, peels, and seeds of all fruits and vegetables. This protective extra “peel” slows the water loss and oxidation that causes produce to spoil, and it’s the only proven solution for maintaining freshness from farm to kitchen. Apeel’s plant-based protection is available for an ever-growing number of categories and markets, including organic and conventionally grown produce. Additionally, Apeel is integrating new tools that will allow the food system to do more with the extra time created by Apeel’s plant-based protection. Farmers can sell more of what they grow, retailers can sell more of what they source, and people can enjoy more of what they buy, creating a healthier planet and greater abundance for all. Apeel is Food Gone Good.

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