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Ayco gains certification with Rainforest Alliance

Ayco's recertification with the rainforest alliance

Ayco Farms, BB #:168111 headquartered in Pompano Beach Fl, is one of the top offshore Melon grower, importer and distributor from Central America, and Mexico. Ayco Farms has been in the produce business for over 20 years and are continuing to excel in their growing practices, sustainability practices, and improving the quality of their produce for customers and consumers!

Ayco Guatemala has over 2,000 employees and several packing facilities. Upon entering the new year, Ayco Farms is pleased to announce that as of Feb. 1st 2023, Ayco Guatemala is working with the Rainforest Alliance!

Shani Nir states “Our full line of Ayco Melons including Large Watermelons, MiniMe Watermelons, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Galia and other new varieties are all under the Rainforest Alliance seal!” The Rainforest Alliance seal means that Ayco Melons are grown using methods that promote a better future for people and nature.

On their farms, Ayco uses many practices to lessen their impact and waste. One example is the Organic Waste Use Plan. As part of Ayco’s recycling program, their Organic Waste Use Plan consists of converting food waste into organic fertilizer for later use in the nurseries!

“We are so proud of our team and excited to have this seal on our products as a promise to continue to improve our melon farming practices and promote sustainability” said Shani Nir

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