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CMI Orchards’ Ambrosia Gold apples show significant sales growth

CMI Orchards’ CatStats report shows Ambrosia significantly outperforms all Top 10 apples

Wenatchee, WA: CMI’s BB #:134183 freshest CatStats report, released January 31, 2023, demonstrates Ambrosia Gold’s remarkable performance and shares CMI’s role in the extraordinary success of the variety in U.S. markets.

With high promotable volume of Ambrosia Gold in both conventional and organic options available year-round, CMI shares strategies on how retailers can capitalize on the success of the apple and cash in on the sales uptick.

Ambrosia continues to hold its coveted spot within the top 3 branded apples nationally, proving its popularity over the last decade remains timeless and consistent. Decades of hard work devoted by the McDougall family gave rise to an apple with everlasting appeal, explains Rochelle Bohm, CMI’s Vice President of Marketing.

“The McDougalls perfected the craft of growing premium tree fruit in Washington State,” says Bohm. “Their perseverance and drive helped establish the gold standard for phenomenal Ambrosia apples. Ambrosia Gold represents the cream of the Ambrosia crop.”

Ambition and diligence on the part of the McDougall family, produced an apple whose broad appeal, exceptional shelf life, and consistent eating experience across the board is what Danelle Huber, Senior Marketing Manager, says keeps Ambrosia Gold as an advantageous mainstay on retail shelves across the U.S.A.

“Ambrosia sales performance soared to a stunning 298.8% over last year–the highest percent change of any apple in the top 10,” Huber says, referring to Nielsen 13 week scan data ending on 12/31/22. “Consumers show us time over time that cost is not an issue for them when it comes to Ambrosia Gold, even when faced with extenuating economic factors, like inflation. Retailers that keep this apple on their shelves hold, and even increase, category sales without needing to compromise on pricing.”

Bohm explains that this apple—featured on the red carpet at the Oscars in 2014 as the first produce item to ever be included in attendee gift bags—brings star power and fanfare to the apple category. “Ambrosia Gold ranks 9th for all conventional and branded apples in the USA, in both sales and volume,” she says. “CMI’s promotable volume and year-round availability of this in-demand apple make it a necessity for retail shelves.”

Of the 13,141 stores who report to Nielsen selling Ambrosia, CMI supplies 49.47% of them. This, Bohm says, demonstrates CMI’s methodology of being a one-stop-shop for their retail customers and the go-to source for the very best Ambrosia apples grown anywhere.

“Best-in-class retailers recognize Ambrosia as a must-have and make room on the shelf for this top-performing apple by reducing repetitive core variety SKU’s and placing Ambrosia Gold,” says Bohm. “As more branded apples enter the market, shelf-space will continue to get tougher and tougher to secure, but Ambrosia Gold’s gorgeous bi-coloring serves as both an eye-catcher and a color break in displays. Retailers can reap the rewards of strong sales with the high-velocity sales performance of Ambrosia.”

As Bohm explains, “When there’s an apple like Ambrosia Gold that performs so well and with consistent excellence, it’s incredibly easy to see how it continues to set the standard for Ambrosia apples across the board.”

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To read the full report, click here.

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