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Autumn Glory apple off to record start this season

Domex - Autumn Glory Apple Off to Record-Shattering Start

Yakima, WAIn November, Autumn Glory apple hit the retail shelves for a record-shattering season start. Shipment volumes were at all-time highs, ranking Autumn Glory as number two in the Washington State “Other Variety” category according to the November shipment report.

The week after Thanksgiving sported a whopping 104% growth over the previous year.

November and December trends forecast strong New Year sales. Sales were up 104% the week of 11/26/2022, and up 98% the week of 12/3/2022, according to Nielsen data. Average retail rose $0.16 to $1.84, in line with Fuji and other core apples. Autumn Glory is a top 20 apple year-round, surpassing several other distinguished branded apple varieties.

Looking at Q4, Autumn Glory posted gains in every metric. Most importantly, volume increased over the number of stores selling, showing increased volume flow through each store. Volume increased 13.4%, while stores selling increased by 10.6%, according to Nielsen data from September 4, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

Despite harvest delays, overall November volume posted significant gains each week over 2021 volume. Another Q4 win shows that Autumn Glory outpaced total apples and total produce in volume. Autumn Glory volume was up 13%, while total apple volume was down -3%, and total produce volume was down -0.5%.

Flavor is the top priority for Autumn Glory’s success. The Superfresh horticulture team personally tastes apples from each Autumn Glory orchard to determine harvest timing. Autumn Glory boasts natural caramel and cinnamon notes that make this apple stand out. Making sure that Autumn Glory’s signature flavors are prominent before harvesting is key.

Dave Gleason taste tasting Autumn Glory apples before harvest

Superfresh Growers BB #:113721 has been focusing on building Autumn Glory buying habits through in-store sampling. “We are seeing great success in creating repeat shoppers. Ninety-six percent of shoppers have expressed intent to purchase Autumn Glory after tasting it,” shares Cat Gipe-Stewart, Director of Marketing.

“We are also seeing more consumer excitement than ever online and in our inbox! One passionate shopper wrote ‘I stocked up almost to the point of hoarding… I think I will die without Autumn Glory apples in my life.’ Another wrote, “My word, Autumn Glory are amazing. My absolute favorite apple so far!”

Autumn Glory was recently featured on Jeopardy

Autumn Glory has been a talking point on social media this season as well, with a presence on popular Instagram pages such as Food Writer Mom, Eat the Rainbow Kids, Nutrition by Mia, Azure Farm, Lunches & Littles, and so many more. Autumn Glory also made an appearance on a recent Fox Denver segment, “Healthy Holiday Recipes” with Mia Syn, and even a cameo in a Celebrity Jeopardy episode.

Autumn Glory has been the highlight of many recipes, including game day nachos.

As the sole growers and marketers of Autumn Glory apple, Superfresh Growers looks forward to a continuation of its success in 2023.