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Romaine quality problems continue in the desert

desert lettuce quality 12-22-22
Photos courtesy Markon

Markon Cooperative BB #:123315 released this desert lettuce crop update December 21, 2022:

The Arizona/California desert growing region has experienced an early cold weather pattern with multiple mornings of freezing temperatures.

Epidermal blister and peel are now present in some lettuce crops as a result.

Romaine is typically the most affected, but some varieties are impacted more than others.

Markon inspectors are working with suppliers to secure the best product for commodity and value-added packs.

Harvesting and processing crews will work to remove as much of the defect as possible, but won’t be able to eliminate it completely.

Warmer weather is forecast this week, but the effects of all the early cold weather will be felt for several weeks to come.