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Local Leaf Farms takes a different approach to vertical farming

Local Leaf Farms Takes a Different Approach to Vertical Farming

In an age of unpredictable weather events and rising logistics costs, an Ontario innovator offers a solution

Barrie, Ontario, Canada – While vertical farming techniques have recently been producing an increasing amount of our food requirements, Local Leaf Farms, an innovative company with big ideas has developed a novel approach to further reduce food miles and logistics headaches.

Operating out of Barrie and Kingston, Ontario, Local Leaf Farms uses small footprint vertical farming operations to bring hyper-local production of high nutrient produce right to consumers with an ability to be on grocers’ shelves within hours of harvest.

“There are many advantages to producing in a smaller facility”, says Steve Jones, President and CEO of Local Leaf Farms. “Not only are we better able to manage the quality and freshness of every variety we produce, but by servicing over a small geographical area, our product is on shelf quickly, offering consumers better quality and an extended life in their homes, while ensuring reduced shrink for produce operators.”

Local Leaf Farms plans to extend these benefits to a larger population by opening as many as 20 small footprint facilities across Canada by 2025.

Aside from producing high quality products close to where consumers are buying them, Local Leaf Farms offers additional benefits to their retail partners.

“Customers ask for My Local Leaf by name”, says Anna Pereira, Produce Manager for a nearby Foodland store in Schomberg, Ontario. “Not only do customers rave about the bold flavors and long shelf life, but they also appreciate the eco-friendly packaging”, referring to the 100% plastic free, compostable containers used for My Local Leaf, the consumer brand of Local Leaf Farms.

With planned expansions over the next several years, Local Leaf Farms expects to provide their hyper-local, high nutrient products, grown without the use of chemicals and packed in eco-friendly cartons to more Canadians in the coming years.

About Local Leaf Farms

Local Leaf Farms is a vertical farming company that grows a variety of leafy greens including whole leaf varieties, packaged salads and fresh herbs. They are committed to growing better food locally and sustainably to support healthier communities, because where your food comes from matters.