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Verdant Technologies wins IFPA Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award

verdant ifpa award

Denver, Colorado (November 3, 2022) Verdant Technologies BB #:377032 was awarded the International Fresh Produce & Floral Association (IFPA) BB #:378962 Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award at this year’s Global Produce & Floral Show in Orlando, Florida.

Each year, the IFPA selects one individual or organization that solves business challenges within the produce and floral industries through the application of scientific and technological advancements to create better products, processes, or value to customers.

Over the last year, Verdant Technologies has introduced its HarvestHold Fresh postharvest innovation that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The novel solution provides growers with a simple and flexible product that delivers impactful results.

Through its breakthrough delivery method of industry-standard 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), HarvestHold Fresh significantly reduces waste, delivers return on investment, and offers robust sustainability benefits in the perishable produce supply chain.

Verdant Technologies is working with produce growers in the U.S. and Mexico and has a partnership with Chrysal International to distribute its technology in the floral industry to help keep flowers fresher for longer.

“We are tremendously honored for Verdant Technologies and our HarvestHold solution to receive the IFPA Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award,” says Gordon Robertson, CEO of Verdant Technologies. “Our goal is to bring nourishment to the world through innovative solutions that make a positive impact for our customers, the supply chain, and society. This award further validates the hard work of our team and the partnerships with our customers in the produce and floral industries that have helped bring our solution to market.”

About Verdant Technologies
Verdant Technologies is an emerging leader in the ag tech industry, offering HarvestHold product life extension technology for floral and produce products. Verdant Technologies and its partners work hand-in-hand to reduce negative environmental impacts and help bring nourishment to more people in more places. Verdant Technologies has corporate offices in Denver, CO, and St. Paul, MN. More information can be found at Follow Verdant Technologies on LinkedIn.

About HarvestHold Fresh
HarvestHold Fresh by Verdant Technologies is the first of the company’s patented products available in the U.S. marketplace*. As fruits and vegetables are harvested, growers and packers simply insert a recyclable sheet of HarvestHold Fresh into packaging from which 1-MCP is released using a plant’s natural chemistry. Find out more at

*HarvestHold Fresh has received U.S. state approvals in 49 states, with anticipation of California registration approval forthcoming.