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SugarBee apples to be sold jointly with powerful new partnership

SugarBee® Apples to be Sold Collaboratively with Powerful New Partnership

EPHRATA, WA, USA – With the fall 2022 crop of SugarBee apples in early harvest, Regal Fruit International, LLC is pleased to announce that sales of this premier proprietary brand will be coordinated by Regal Fruit in a strong partnership with Chelan Fresh BB #:170403, CMI Orchards BB #:134183 and Sage Fruit BB #:163180.

Retailers are keenly aware that one of the most in-demand domestic apple varieties is the SugarBee. Its crisp crunch, caramel-and-honey toned sweetness and excellent storage make it among the most highly sought-after varieties for retailers nationwide. And now, ordering more SugarBee for your shelves just got even easier, with three sales desks to order from.

Chuck Nystrom, Minnesota-based orchardist and member of the North American Fruit Explorers, discovered the SugarBee via chance seedling in the early ‘90s. He then partnered with Regal Fruit International, LLC to develop the original B-51, patented as CN-121 variety, now trademarked and marketed as the SugarBee. By carefully managing long term planting cycles, orchard caps and price setting, Regal Fruit has ensured SugarBee’s ongoing premier status among a marketplace full of devalued competitors.

Consumer demand for SugarBee continues to grow nationwide, in great part due to the comprehensive branding and marketing campaigns from powerhouse Chelan Fresh over the past five years. The SugarBee bee, distinctive honeycomb-shaped PLU, bright packaging and kid-friendly messaging join with the apple’s unbeatable reputation to give you fruit that is proven to fly off the shelves and into the homes of consumers across the nation.

About the partners:

Chelan Fresh Final Logo

Chelan Fresh is a 100% family owned and operated farming, packing and sales operation of multi-generational growers and farmers.  Our joy comes from our families, the land and the harvest. We specialize in premium apples, including our exclusive Lucy and Rockit, as well as pears, cherries and several stone fruit varieties for demanding domestic and international markets.  Our fruit is grown throughout Washington State, where ample sunshine, gentle mountain slopes, fertile valleys, and crisp air combine with the waters of the mighty Columbia River for ideal growing conditions. With every decision and every action we are committed to nurture, honor and respect our people, our planet and our food.

CMI Orchards Logo

CMI Orchards is one of Washington State’s largest family-owned grower, shipper and packer of premium quality apples, pears and cherries. Based in Wenatchee, WA, CMI Orchards delivers outstanding fruit across the U.S.A. and exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Growing the freshest, highest-quality fruit imaginable comes easy for a company with over 100 years of experience working the land. With exclusive growing agreements, CMI grows the majority of America’s top-selling specialty branded apples, and has established programs that stand out and demand attention. CMI growers are stewards of the land and care deeply about preserving the “orchard way of life” for generations to come.

Sage Fruits Logo

Sage Fruit Company, located in Yakima, Washington, is the sales and marketing firm for five northwest tree-fruit packing facilities. For over three generations, Sage Fruit growers have been delivering the best apples, pears and cherries to customers worldwide. Specializing in both Organic and Conventional products, Sage Fruit offers a wide variety of apples and pears year-round. During the warm summer months, they produce some of the world’s best cherries using the most efficient growing and packing methods available. Sage Fruit Company takes great pride in their commitment to quality, innovation, and service.  They work hard on the farm, in the packing facilities and in sales in order to deliver “An Exceptional Eating Experience!”

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