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Tropical storm Julia affects imports of rambutan and papaya

HLB - Tropical Storm Julia & Imports

Fort Lauderdale, FL – HLB Specialties BB #:270717, a major importer of rambutan and large papaya, is dealing with the effects of Tropical Storm Julia and its aftermath and informing clients that orders will most likely be affected.

The rambutan and papaya growing regions in Guatemala and Mexico are dealing with two consecutive weather events, causing lots of issues with the supply. Tropical Storm Julia brought an excessive amount of rain to the region, including some destruction at the farms. Flights and ocean vessels that were scheduled to leave during the weekend were delayed or cancelled.

HLB Specialties is in the process of reassessing the situation with their growers to attempt to pack and ship out today and tomorrow. However, the rain is persistent, and roads have been affected. In a video widely shared by logistics companies, a container truck is seen driving through a flooded country road in Izabal, Guatemala (not HLB Specialties’ product):

In addition to Tropical Storm Julia, there is also a tropical disturbance that may affect the same area throughout this week. HLB Specialties remains in anticipation of more news from their growers. More information regarding the issue here:

The company is advising clients that rambutan and large papaya orders may have to be delayed, reduced, or cancelled.

HLB Specialties imports a variety of tropical fruits from Central and South America, including conventional and organic papayas, rambutan dragon fruit, and other Tropicals for the US and Canadian market. For more information, please visit, call (954) 475-8808, and follow @HLBgroup on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.