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Procurant digitizes produce inspections at Merchants Distributors Inc.

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WATSONVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Procurant BB #:355257, a cloud-based software company transforming the global food supply chain, today announced that Procurant Inspect, a mobile produce inspection solution, has been selected by Merchants Distributors Inc. BB #:108689 to use across its network of regional distribution centers.

“Produce inspections are a critical yet labor-intensive part of bringing safe, high-quality products to our customers. Procurant Inspect lets us enhance and simplify that process for our inspectors, and it adds timely information for our buyers and suppliers that are already using Procurant to manage orders and payments,” said Chuck Alexander, Senior Vice President, Procurement, MDI.

Procurant Inspect is a mobile application that runs on any standard tablet device. The solution simplifies the labor-intensive process of inspecting produce and other perishables at distribution centers. What previously was managed using clipboards and pen-and-paper documentation moves to mobile tablets and digital files with multi-dimensional ratings to capture a complete quality profile. In addition, Procurant Inspect integrates with the Procurant One platform, where buyers and suppliers are already managing shipment information and purchase orders. This integrated approach supports advanced analytics into supplier performance and quality, and provides rapid visibility to all parties if rejections occur.

Procurant Inspect features include:

  • Commodity-specific USDA standard defect lists
  • Visibility into inspection status and scores for buyers using Procurant One
  • Advanced search capability for inspectors to quickly identify orders
  • On-demand load rejection reports with details, images and comments
  • Inspection analytics with summaries of inspections and supplier scores

Procurant will be demonstrating the new Procurant Inspect solution at the upcoming International Fresh Produce Association Global Produce and Floral Show, October 27-29 in Orlando, FL.

Upcoming Webinar

Procurant is hosting a free webinar about its Inspect solution on October 20 at 10:00 a.m. PDT featuring former USDA inspector Paul Manol. To register, go to

About Procurant

Procurant is transforming the global food supply chain with technology to reduce waste, increase visibility, improve food safety and digitize business from production to consumption. The company was founded by industry veterans with decades of experience delivering solutions to growers, shippers, distributors, retailers and foodservice operators. Procurant is backed by GLP Properties (, a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies.