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Study shows grocery delivery gaining on pickup this summer

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NEW YORK and MIAMI, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Incisiv, a next-generation industry insights firm that helps retailers and brands navigate digital disruption, and Wynshop, the leading provider of digital commerce and fulfillment solutions for local store-based retailers, today revealed the findings from their State of Digital Grocery Performance Card for August, 2022.

Pickup at stores, as a method of grocery order fulfillment, lost 2.6% from July to August, while Delivery’s share increased by 0.5%. Delivery now owns 48.3% of all digital grocery fulfillment, against pickup’s 51.7%. Meanwhile, after declining 2.3% from June to July, third party platforms’ share of overall digital grocery sales rebounded by 21.2%

These and other data insights are now available for download on Grocery Doppio, a free, independent source of grocery insights and data designed to help grocers jumpstart, accelerate, and sustain digital growth.

Every month, Grocery Doppio brings together rich, research-driven grocery content, fact-based observations, inspiring perspectives, and deep performance benchmarks that identify improvement opportunities for grocery retailers. The site is designed specifically to help grocery and food executives optimize their digital and in-store channels and accelerate growth profitably.

Grocery Doppio’s “State of Digital Grocery Performance Card” for August, 2022
The monthly State of Digital Grocery Performance Cards are one of many resources available on the Grocery Doppio website. The reports are built around data analysis of over 1 million shopper orders and survey results from more than 14,000 shoppers and 1,400 U.S. grocery executives.

More key findings from the August 2022 Performance Card include:

  • Digital grocery sales continue to rise
    Digital sales rose in August to 10.3 billion dollars monthly value, a rise of 10.6% over July. This represents a rise in digital’s share of overall grocery sales from 12.9% in July to 13.6% in August.
  • Digital basket size exceeds overall basket size. Shoppers upped the items in their basket by one, after already adding two in the previous month. That represents an 8.5% increase in digital basket size over the previous month, and a 2.8% increase in digital plus conventional basket size. Average digital basket size, at $80, is now 38% larger than overall average basket size, which stands at $58
  • Prices are rising slower
    Average price per item in a digital basket increased by just $0.1 in August. Compared to the 27% increase the industry saw between January – June 2022 for price per item in a digital basket.

“After initially reducing their spending in response to inflation, grocery shoppers seem to have regained a measure of confidence, and are now spending more on groceries, and even on delivery, than they were a month ago,” said Gaurav Pant, Chief Insights Officer of both Incisiv and Grocery Doppio. “Even though inflation is still high (8.3%) we expect this level of spending to continue, as we continue to keep an eye on consumer credit levels to understand if that can dampen this growth.”

“Overall digital sales and digital basket sizes continue to grow post-pandemic,” said Charlie Kaplan, Chief Strategy Officer of Wynshop. “If we continue to see this kind of percent increase from month to month, we could be looking at a 20% digital grocery market share within the next couple of years.”

To download Grocery Doppio’s “State of Digital Grocery Performance Card: August, 2022,” click here.
For a look back at Grocery Doppio’s summary Performance Card for H1, 2022 click here. 

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