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Study shows associations between mango consumption and moms-to-be

- General News
A recent study, published in Nutrients, shows a significant finding: when mangos are incorporated into the diets of women of childbearing age (WCA), both overall diet quality and the intake of vital nutrients crucial for a healthy pregnancy markedly improve.

Grocery report shows optimism for 2024, focus on discounts for weary shoppers

- Retail
Incisiv and Wynshop today revealed the findings from Grocery Doppio's December 2023 Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard.

NatureSweet scientist appointed to food leadership board at UC-Davis

- General News
Martin C. Ruebelt, PhD, has been appointed to the Food Science and Technology Leadership Board at the University of California, Davis

Square Q3 restaurant report shows dining traffic stabilizes in American downtowns

- General News
Square released the latest edition of its quarterly Restaurant Industry Report, which uses data across Square’s food and beverage sellers to examine dining trends and shifts in both consumer spending and restaurant wages.

USDA research finds WIC vastly underutilized

- General News
Recent research by the USDA shows more than 6 million of those who are eligible for WIC are missing out on its proven health benefits.

Strawberries and strawberry powder

- Analysis
A new study from the University of Cincinnati (UC) indicates that daily strawberry consumption can reduce the risk of dementia in middle-aged people.

Cornell study finds online grocery baskets have less produce than in-store carts

- General News
Online grocery carts tend to include less variety and fewer fruits and vegetables than those in a trip to a brick-and-mortar supermarket – but online shoppers are less susceptible to unhealthy impulse buys, a new Cornell study has found.

Research shows grape consumption benefits eye health

- General News
In a recent randomized, controlled human study, consuming grapes for 16 weeks improved key markers of eye health in older adults.

CPMA releases report highlighting the economic impact of Canada’s fresh produce sector

- General News
Canadian Produce Marketing Association has released a report outlining the economic footprint of the Canadian fresh produce supply chain. 

Why broccoli withers after harvest

- Analysis
Everybody knows and regrets that many fruits and vegetables begin to spoil after harvest, but why do they?