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Blueberries top Mexican agri-food exports so far this season


During the first quarter of this year, blueberries positioned themselves as the most exported agricultural food in Mexico, producing more than 70,000 tons and representing 15 percent of Mexican berry exports, according to Horticultivos.

The crop has shown growth greater than 20 percent in recent years, both in growing area and in production.

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The sector is currently facing different challenges such as labor shortages, water supply, phytosanitary problems, and has concentrated on developing the national market and encouraging local consumption.

On the other hand, great export opportunities also exist.

Currently, about 97 percent of production is exported, or 68,300 tons, to 31 destinations. The main market is the U.S., but it includes important developing countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, and the UAE, among others.

Organic production has taken great relevance globally, with a 15 percent of the blueberry area in Mexico (around 1,360 hectares) currently produced organically. About 10,500 tons of organic blueberries have been exported during the current season.


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services