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Superior Fresh hosts ‘food as medicine farm tour’ for dietitians

Superior Fresh hosts Health Professionals on Food as Medicine Regenerative Farm Tour
Registered Dietitians tour Superior Fresh greenhouse operations

Hixton, Wisconsin – Superior Fresh, LLC., BB #:366219 the world’s largest USDA certified organic aquaponics farm hosted a “Food As Medicine Regenerative Farm Tour” on Thursday, July 21st to introduce Registered Dietitians to salmon with twice the levels of omega-3 essential fats compared to other salmon.1 Unlike any other salmon, Superior Fresh USA-raised salmon are fed an organic diet of natural marine-based ingredients. With twice the omega-3 fats (EPA + DHA) compared to other salmon found in supermarkets, Superior Fresh is offering today’s shopper the best value when it comes to optimizing essential nutrients for heart and brain health. Superior Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets received the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check earlier this year.

According to Brandon Gottsacker, President of Superior Fresh, LLC, “Registered Dietitians are great ambassadors for our brand because they can appreciate what we are doing differently to produce the highest quality, nutritious and sustainable seafood and fresh produce that are the foundation of a healthy diet.”

Raised on land using state-of-the-art water recirculation technologies, nutrient-rich water from the salmon is recycled to grow USDA organic leafy greens in an adjacent greenhouse. Superior Fresh is a glimpse into the future of food as medicine – using cutting edge technology to raise high-quality protein and grow fresh produce that are the ingredients for a healthier America with a lower carbon footprint than other salmon and leafy greens sold in supermarkets.

Superior Fresh hosts Health Professionals on Food as Medicine Regenerative Farm Tour

During the tour, dietitians obtained a behind-the-scenes look at how a local-Wisconsin company is making healthy food production a top priority. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults consume 8-oz of seafood per week to provide 250 mg of EPA and DHA (omega-3 fats) per day to impact heart health, vision, mental health and improve pregnancy outcomes. However, sixty-eight percent (68%) of adults and ninety-five percent (95%) of children do not consume enough omega-3s to reach the recommendations.2 Furthermore, one in ten (1 in 10) Americans is consuming the recommended five cups of fruits and vegetables per day.

After the tour, a Retail Dietitian shared these thoughts about the tour experience:

“The story of Superior Fresh has always been inspiring, our retail team has RAVED, but there’s just something special about seeing that story in action with my own eyes. The scale of the tanks in which the fish are swimming, watching trays of greens float softly in a pool of nutrient dense water… that’s only something I could have otherwise imagined… and not very well at that! You bring together science, private enterprise and corporate citizenship in a way that is inspiring.”

In the coming months, Superior Fresh will continue to build relationships with health professionals in an on-going effort to educate consumers about choosing nutritious foods as the best form of medicine.

Superior Fresh LogoSuperior Fresh, LLC. Superior Fresh, the world’s largest USDA certified organic aquaponic farm, produces land-raised salmon and organic leafy greens using a sustainable model unmatched in the food industry. Superior Fresh grows safe, nutritious food in an ecosystem that provides year-round availability to retail chains committed to the future of a healthier global community. Learn more

[1] Superior Fresh, LLC performs testing on their salmon and competitors at an independent laboratory to quantify the level of omega-3 fats (EPA + DHA).

[2] Murphy RA, Devarshi PP, Ekimura S, et al. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acid serum concentrations across life stages in the USA: an analysis of NHANES 2011–2012. BMJ Open 2021;11:e043301.