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Ghost kitchen builder gets $100MM financing boost

wendy's ghost kitchen
Cruising Kitchens is the leading mobile ghost kitchen manufacturer, custom food truck builder, and leading mobile business fabricator in the world.

AUSTIN, Texas & SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ghost Financial, a comprehensive financing and business services platform for ghost kitchen operators, by ghost kitchen operators, announced today it will be the exclusive financial partner for Cruising Kitchens, the leading mobile ghost kitchen builder and mobile business fabricator in the world. Ghost Financial will be providing up to $100M in financing, customized insurance and stand as the preferred card provider for Cruising Kitchens and its customers until 2025.

Ghost Financial is empowering businesses in the ghost kitchen, virtual brand and restaurant industry by offering top-of-the-line expansion loans, cash-back cards, and a variety of insurance products. This partnership will serve to further streamline the process for Cruising Kitchens by utilizing Ghost Financial to power deals with national restaurant brands that are continuing to make the move to the mobile ghost kitchen industry.

With Cruising Kitchens being the leader in the mobile ghost kitchen space, this partnership will enable major national QSR (quick-service restaurant) brands and franchise chains to leverage comprehensive financing options to expand into new markets, and boost off-premise sales. As its preferred card provider, Ghost Financial will also be providing national and regional Cruising Kitchens customers access to its industry-leading cash back rewards card, designed to increase operator margins by up to 10%.

“Today, two industry-leading business models in the multi-trillion-dollar food service space finally get married with the 9-figure and multi-year Cruising Kitchens and Ghost Financial partnership,” says CEO of Ghost Financial, John Meyer. “We couldn’t be more excited for the size, scale, and impact of what’s to come.”

“Consistency, accuracy and speed are the critical components that make us the leaders in ghost kitchen/mobile fabrication,” says CEO of Cruising Kitchens, Cameron Davies. “Partnering with Ghost Financial (the financial backbone of a soon-to-be trillion-dollar ghost kitchen industry) will accelerate our operations and transform Cruising Kitchens into a titan in this space. This next wave of innovation is coming to the food/beverage industry and thanks to this new relationship, Cruising Kitchens will continue to lead the charge!”

Thanks to its industry-leading underwriting capabilities, Ghost Financial has developed relationships with numerous debt financing providers to continue to expand the expansion loan component of this major deal. The industry is continuing to expand with the help of Ghost Financial to provide financial backing to empower ghost kitchens and foodies with a dream.

About Cruising Kitchens

Cruising Kitchens is the leading mobile ghost kitchen manufacturer, custom food truck builder, and leading mobile business fabricator in the world. Specializing in food trucks and trailers, kitchen trucks and trailers, shipping container trailers, multimedia trucks and trailers, mobile office trucks and trailers, and much more. The company has recently expanded its operation services with a 240,000 square foot expansion to its warehouse. To learn more, please visit

About Ghost Financial

Founded by John Meyer, a serial entrepreneur, investor and ghost kitchen operator himself, Ghost Financial is a comprehensive financing and business services platform to support ghost kitchen and restaurant ventures by offering financial products such as insurance, payroll, credit cards and expansion loans.