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Verdant Technologies receives EPA label expansion for HarvestHold Fresh

Verdant Technologies Receives EPA Label Expansion

Denver, Colorado. – Verdant Technologies BB #:377032 announced approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of an expanded label of HarvestHold Fresh, including the addition of 18 crops.

The latest addition of crops for use with HarvestHold Fresh includes asparagus, avocado, banana, bell pepper, blueberry, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cucumber, kiwi, lime, mango, mushrooms, okra, papaya, pineapple, spinach, strawberry, and sweet corn. The 18 added crops are in addition to apricot, broccoli, grapes, melons, nectarine, peach, persimmon, plum, and tomato, which were approved by the EPA in September 2021.

The expanded label also includes flexibility for recycling HarvestHold Fresh sheets after application.

“Expanding our HarvestHold Fresh offering into many additional crops is going to bring tremendous opportunity to fruit and vegetable growers around the U.S.,” said Gordon Robertson, CEO of Verdant Technologies. “We are confident in the value our technology delivers across a wide range of commodities, and we’re looking forward to partnering with customers to provide the simplest and most effective post-harvest solution to keep their produce fresher for longer.”

HarvestHold Fresh is an innovative shelf-life extension solution providing the simplest and most flexible post-harvest delivery method on the market. Through its breakthrough delivery method of industry-standard 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), HarvestHold Fresh significantly reduces waste in the perishable produce supply chain and offers unmatched storability and portability.

Verdant Technologies has received U.S. state approvals for HarvestHold Fresh in 49 states, with anticipation of approval in California by late 2022.

Consult with your local Verdant Technologies representative for more information on the availability of HarvestHold Fresh for your crop.

About Verdant Technologies

Verdant Technologies is an emerging leader in the ag tech industry, offering HarvestHold product life extension technology for floral and produce products. Verdant Technologies and its partners work hand-in-hand to reduce negative environmental impacts and help bring nourishment to more people in more places. Verdant Technologies has corporate offices in Denver, CO, and St. Paul, MN. More information can be found at Follow Verdant Technologies on LinkedIn.

About HarvestHold Fresh

HarvestHold Fresh by Verdant Technologies is the first of the company’s patented products available in the U.S. marketplace. As produce products are harvested, growers and packers simply insert a recyclable sheet of HarvestHold into packaging from which 1-MCP is released using a plant’s natural chemistry. Find out more at

About Gulftech International

Verdant Technologies is a subsidiary of Gulftech International. Gulftech is a diversified holding company with a core competence in developing and operating global manufacturers of industrial equipment and components. Gulftech is an owner, operator, and steward to a family of companies serving the world’s most important food production and processing companies. Gulftech’s mission is to acquire and nurture companies, investing in sustainable growth and long-term success. Gulftech’s focus is on middle market, long-term acquisition opportunities in manufacturing, packaging, distribution and industrial aftermarket parts and service. Gulftech has corporate offices in Denver, CO. For more information, visit