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Oishii opens world’s largest vertical strawberry farm in New Jersey

oishii NJ strawberry farm

With the opening of this farm, Oishii delivers on its mission to make its popular Omakase Berries available to more consumers ahead of the brand’s debut in Whole Foods Market. The strawberries will now sell for $20 a pack at retailers and on

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY – May 19, 2022 – Today, vertical farming leader Oishii announced it has opened its largest and most technologically advanced farm yet to meet the growing demand for its famed Omakase Berries.

Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, the new farm spans more than 74,000 square feet to exclusively grow the company’s strawberries.

Reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability, Oishii repurposed a former Anheuser-Busch factory, transforming it into the company’s flagship farm of the future and new headquarters.

Each harvest from the world’s largest vertical strawberry farm relies on advanced robotics and automation, as well as 60% less energy and 40% less water than first generation technology.

By introducing this cutting-edge innovation to its already revolutionary farming methods, Oishii is able to pass on significant value to its many customers coast-to-coast.

Beginning today, Oishii’s Omakase Berries will be $20 for trays of 11 medium berries or eight large berries, $11 for trays of six medium berries, and $6 for trays of three medium berries. The special-edition First Flower Berry will remain at $50 for a tray of six.

“At Oishii, we are committed to revolutionize the future of food by offering the best-tasting produce, grown in a way we believe is better for people and better for the planet. Today marks an important step in making good on that promise,” said Hiroki Koga, CEO and Co-Founder of Oishii.

“We’ve worked hard to pioneer advanced technology that unlocks a substantially more efficient way to grow our unrivaled strawberries. Our largest farm yet pairs the next frontier of indoor farming innovation with the care and precision of centuries-old Japanese farming techniques. We can’t wait for more people to enjoy an endless strawberry season with the Omakase Berry at its new price and its new home at Whole Foods Market.”

With demand for Oishii Omakase Berries at an all-time high, the company is expanding its retail footprint so more people can experience the coveted fruit. This summer, Omakase Berries will be available at the upcoming Whole Foods Market store, opening in New York’s NoMad neighborhood.

“Eating an Omakase Berry is a full sensory experience, and soon we can introduce them to customers stepping into our store,” said Chris Manca, Local Forager for Whole Foods Market’s Northeast Region. “We can’t wait for our customers to bring home the delicious flavor of Oishii’s beloved fruit.”

Oishii first introduced the Omakase Berry in 2018, when it quickly caught the attention of both Michelin-starred chefs and consumers for its sweetness, aroma, and creamy texture.

The Japanese cultivar is grown in Oishii’s three indoor vertical farms, which harmoniously marry nature, technology, and farming techniques perfected for decades in the foothills of Japan.

The company was the first to grow vertically farmed strawberries for consumers – considered to be the most sophisticated crops to farm because of their long cultivation cycles. The company perfected the fruit through its first-of-its-kind pollination method, conducted naturally with bees. The hyper-locally grown produce is farmed without pesticides and is perfectly ripe year-round.

This new farm signals a bright future for Oishii and comes on the heels of momentous growth for the company. In October 2021, Oishii made their west coast debut with the opening of their Los Angeles farm, marking the first time Omakase Berries were available outside of the greater New York area.

The company also closed a $50 million Series A funding round in February 2021. Oishii is currently in development on new strawberry varietals, as well as other types of flowering produce and vine fruits, such as tomatoes, melons, and peppers.

About Oishii
Oishii (“delicious” in Japanese) is an innovative company transforming agriculture through vertical farming. The company is behind the world’s largest indoor vertical strawberry farm. Harmoniously marrying nature with technology, Oishii has recreated the elements—rain, air, heat, light, and nourishment—to preserve and embrace nature’s finest for the perfect fruit every time, all year round. Oishii is known for their Omakase Berry, a special Japanese strawberry variety grown pesticide-free in the company’s vertical farms located just outside of Manhattan and in Culver City, California. Founded in 2016, Oishii’s investors include SPARX Group, Sony Innovation Fund, PKSHA Technology, and Social Starts. The company was recognized as one of Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies” in 2022. For more information, visit