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Westfalia’s color of green: from avocados to carbon neutrality

westfalia fruit colombian avocado trees
Westfalia’s site in Colombia. (Photo: Westfalia Fruit, PR005)

Westfalia Fruit Group, BB #:300553 a leading multinational supplier of avocados, has achieved the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral International Standard for 15 of its businesses for 2020.

As part of this project, Westfalia Fruit calculated its footprint for 2020 with the support of One Carbon World. Westfalia Fruit in Peru, Westfalia Colombia, Westfalia Fruit Marketing in South Africa and Westfalia Fruit BV in the Netherlands have also achieved carbon neutrality status for their scope 1 & 2 emissions as well as certification under the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral International Standard, a carbon footprint verification organization and a recognized resource partner in the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment we work towards the wellbeing of the planet and are focused on climate change mitigation. We are proud to receive this certification which is a step on the road to our long-term target to be ‘lifetime carbon neutral’ by 2049,” said Johnathan Sutton Group Safety & Environment Executive at Westfalia Fruit International.

“We are guardians of the environments and communities in which we operate, and our aim is to ensure our environmental commitments become an integral part of our day-to-day activities. We seek ways to continually improve our environmental performance and operate in a responsible manner, by focusing on priorities such as reducing waste and making reductions in our carbon emissions,” he continued.

In 2021 Westfalia Fruit made significant progress towards its sustainability targets: reducing the company’s carbon footprint per kilogram of fruit by 5%, waste to landfill by almost 9%, liquid fuel used by 26% and electricity usage by 4%. At the same time, it increased recycled waste by 28%, water use efficiency by 14% and own electricity generation by 50%.

For example, the company has pioneered a low-flow drip irrigation technique that saves a significant volume of the water used to grow the crop, while also increasing the output and economic value of the fruit. It is estimated that the approach will bring an overall 50% efficiency boost in farms where it is implemented.

For Westfalia Fruit’s GHG emissions that cannot currently be avoided, the company compensated with emissions reductions (carbon credits) certified by VERRA, through afforestation projects in South America that are converting degraded grasslands into forest plantations.

Westfalia Fruit UK also achieved a carbon neutral certification under Carbon Trust, an independent certification body for carbon footprints with an internationally recognized carbon neutral standard.

About Westfalia Fruit

The multinational Westfalia Fruit Group is a leading supplier of fresh and processed produce to international markets, offering a diverse range of quality fruit and related products via its vertically integrated supply chain. As a frontrunner in the avocado industry, Westfalia grows, sources, ripens, packs, processes and markets accredited avocados across the globe throughout the year. Value-added products include avocado oil, low-preservative guacamole, frozen avocado and dried fruit.

Westfalia grows fruit in all major origins in the Americas and Africa and sources from partner orchards, giving the Group the most diverse avocado-growing footprint in the world. Westfalia’s dynamic and integrated supply chain from research to the consumer benefits all stakeholders. The Group’s research division, Westfalia Technological Services, is the world’s largest privately funded subtropical fruit research unit. Its dedicated team of scientists and technicians focus on varietal development, innovation and environmental matters, and provides a pivotal role in defining the future of the global avocado industry.

A supplier of choice to retail, wholesale and food-service customers, Westfalia operates sales offices in the UK, Europe, North America, Latin America and southern Africa. Fruit is packed in diverse formats and expertly ripened to deliver optimal eating quality. For more information visit