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Fusion celebrates 25th anniversary

fusion 25 anniversary

Los Angeles, CA (April 26, 2022) – Fusion BB #:160037, a leader in the business-to-business retail environment, is celebrating a major milestone as the company reflects on 25 years specializing in the supply side of the retail chain providing clients with the tools and direction needed to build their sales and distribution processes.

Fusion’s unique methodology leverages the true power of retail marketing to help clients uncover growth opportunities and solutions for their unique business needs.


Steven Muro

“Working with fact-based information and data – and combining it with marketing has come a long way since Fusion’s doors first opened 25 years ago,” states Steven Muro, founder and president of Fusion. “We believe that by combining the science and art of marketing with strong client relationships, you can develop successful clients, programs and campaigns. I am proud of the pivotal role Fusion has played in introducing fact-based information and marketing to the industry.”

Established in 1997, Fusion quickly identified the lack of coordination between sales and marketing departments within companies. Recognizing this opportunity, Fusion set out to fuse client’s sales and marketing teams by using data to drive sales and marketing initiatives and strategies. While the goal of many companies in the market is to gain as many clients as possible, Fusion’s goal is to work with a select group of clients and become very immersed.

In fact, one of Fusion’s original clients from 25 years ago is still their client today. From building a strategy to attending its clients’ board and staff meetings to working with sales and marketing teams, Fusion is thoroughly entrenched in its clients’ business. Fusion houses a research, marketing, creative, and executive team to successfully execute these functions.

In today’s highly complex solution environment driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data lakes, fact-based marketing and data have become a standard for many successful companies and retailers.

Yet, the information is often too complex to use. Fusion simplifies this process with its proprietary and robust tools making information useful and understandable for all team members within an organization – not just the sales and marketing group. Fusion’s success at turning the complex into simplified, actionable results coupled with strong working relationships has helped Fusion earn many accolades including being recognized as a top ten retail marketing service company by Retail Tech Insights magazine in 2021.

Fusion has provided over two decades of industry expertise to help clients achieve their goals. One of their successes in long-term business partnerships is the ability to generate fresh and innovative perspectives to reach business objectives. Along with bringing shared history and knowledge, Fusion stays ahead of trends and leads the industry with state-of-the-art technology.

“I am proud to mark this milestone,” says Muro. “We strive to go beyond our customers’ expectations, and the longevity of the business reinforces those efforts. When I started the business, the message was to be a virtual extension of a client’s marketing department. Although so much has changed over the years, we are still committed to that goal.”

About Fusion
Fusion delivers clear business direction through research, analytics, market insights and communications, giving clients more time to focus on their business. Fusion partners with clients to uncover growth opportunities and solutions for each client’s unique business needs. The experienced team of marketing and analytical professionals provides dedicated client support, informed thinking and innovation to provide the highest level of expertise for any analytic and creative business endeavor.