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Chilean kiwi exports down from last year


To date, Chile has exported 2,813 tons of kiwifruit, which is well below the 4,882 tons in the same period last year.

However, the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee told Simfruit that despite these lower volumes, kiwi exports are gradually increasing as the season progresses.

The main destination for Chilean kiwis in 2022 has been Latin America with 1,051 tons, followed by North America with 813 tons, and Europe with 713 tons.

The committee reports that high stocks in Europe and fruit still shipping to other markets such as the U.S., has contributed to a slow start to the season while waiting for local supplies to clear.

In Europe, sales prices for kiwifruit have been similar to the previous season, but with slow sales, stocks are building up due to the wide supply, which is made up of Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish kiwifruit.

Portugal expects to have fruit available until the beginning of July and Spain until the end of June. Italy is still projecting a third of its fruit is still to come, which will be finished by the end of May.

The U.S.’s kiwifruit market mainly comes from Italy, Greece, and domestic (California). In the Latin America market a low volume of kiwi is being marketed. In Mexico the California kiwi has had good sales, while the Italian kiwi, shipping both to Mexico and Brazil, presents issues in terms of quality and condition, but it’s still available.

China is not importing fruit this season due to a high local supply at low prices, and several areas of the country have locked down with quarantines and zero Covid policy.

Kiwis continue to be very well positioned among customers due to the demand based on its contribution of vitamin C as a complement to the protection of COVID, the committee says.


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services