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Fresh boosts Peru to a rise in asparagus exports in 2021

Peruvian Asparagus Final Image

In 2021, Peruvian exports of asparagus (fresh, canned and frozen) reached 177 million kilos worth $541 million, registering an increase of 4.1 percent in volume and 3.5 percent in value when compared to 170 million kilos worth $523 million shipped in 2020.

Agraria reported figures from the Peruvian Institute of Asparagus and Vegetables (IPEH), which showed, of the total shipped in 2021, fresh asparagus accounted for 137 million kilos worth $404 million; canned 32 million kilos worth $103 million, and frozen 8 million kilos worth $38 million.

In 2020, 127 million kilos were fresh worth $384 million; preserves 34 million kilos worth $103 million; and frozen 8 million kilos worth $37 million.

In 2021, fresh asparagus exports increased 7.4 percent in volume and 5.3 percent in value when compared to 2020. The 137 million kilos shipped set a record in volume shipped in the last 11 years. The main destination was the U.S. taking in 72 percent of the total.

For frozen asparagus, in 2021 exports dropped 3.7 percent in volume and increased 3.3 percent in value. The main destinations were the U.S., taking in 42.7 percent of the total and Japan with 40 percent.

Canned asparagus exports fell 5.8 percent in volume and 3.1 percent in value in 2021. The main destinations were Spain with 35.4 percent of the total, the U.S. with 24.7 percent, France with 15.7 percent, and Germany with 11.8 percent.


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services