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Bako Sweet adds color & flavor to Easter sweet potato displays

Bako Sweet- Easter Display Final Banner

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Country Sweet Produce’s BB #:207680 Bako Sweet is giving shoppers what they want this Easter with brightly colored, triple-washed, and consistently sized sweet potatoes. As we enter into one of the largest sweet potato buying seasons, just behind Thanksgiving and Christmas, now is the perfect time to stock up on Bako’s award-winning products.

“It’s important that retailers have properly stocked shelves full of color and variety, and our bright bags of purple, orange, and white sweet potatoes are not only eye-catching but well known and trusted by shoppers,” said Alexandra Rae Molumby, marketing manager for Bako Sweet.

Bako Sweet has perfected every part of the growing and harvesting process, including hiring the skilled workforce needed to hand sort and size products for consistency. The brand also works directly with retailers to create geo targeted Google and social media ads to support a successful sweet potato program and drive in-store purchases.

“Easter is a great time of year for retailers to get the highest percent of return on sales with our steam bags,” said Prescott Leyba, sales account manager for Bako Sweet. “Historically, bulk bins have been a priority, but with shopper preferences shifting, consistency is a key marker of success.”

Retailers should consider placing complementary items next to sweet potato displays for maximum sales as well. “Some of the most popular dishes at Easter are traditional sweet potato casserole, roasted sweet potatoes, and sweet potato pie, so merchandising ingredients like marshmallows, brown sugar, pecans, and pre-made pie crusts next to your display is a great way to inspire usage and increase sales,” added Molumby.

For more information about Bako Sweet, visit or contact the sales team at or 661-858-1075 to place an order in time for the Easter rush.

About Bako Sweet

For more than 75 years Country Sweet Produce, grower-packer-shipper of consumer brand Bako Sweet, has been growing sweet potatoes in the country’s richest soil in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California, also known as “California’s Sweet Spot.” This land produces some of the best-tasting sweet potatoes on the market. Over the years, Bako Sweet has perfected the growing and harvesting process to ensure the highest quality and consistently-sized sweet potatoes. Today, Bako Sweet focuses on providing the largest variety of value-added, conveniently packaged sweet potatoes, as well as bulk sweet potatoes and specialty offerings. For more information about Bako Sweet, visit