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Suzuki Farm updates logo and website

suzuki farm logo

SEATTLE, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Suzuki Farm, a Delaware-based farm, announced that it has launched an updated logo and website.

This rebranding strategy reflects the change of the ownership of the farm on February 9, 2021 where Food’s Style USA Inc., a franchisee of Hokkaido Ramen Santouka restaurants, acquired the entire business of Suzuki Farm, the only producer of Japanese vegetables on the East Coast from Suzuki Farms LLC.

The new logo came from Japanese family crests. The design contains the farm’s founding year, the location, and images of fresh vegetables. Along with this change, a newly designed online store was released on April 17, 2021. According to Food’s Style USA, the new e-commerce site offers free recycle bags to the first 900 shoppers.

Of the company’s recent acquisition, Food’s Style USA’s President and Representative Director Jun Yoneda commented, “Our company mission is to provide a platform for conveying Japan’s traditional gastro-culture to the world. This pandemic gave us a chance to look at a bigger picture, beyond the restaurant business. We will expand to the next stage in our business, an online-based ‘Food DX’ project, in order to realize our company mission.”

Food’s Style will strive to produce fresh, delicious and safe Japanese vegetables. The company hopes the synergy between the new agricultural business and its existing restaurant business will drive further growth. In particular, the company’s agricultural business will mainly include wholesale to retail stores and restaurants, while also providing vegetables to the company’s existing restaurants.

The acquisition is part of Food’s Style broader technology strategy. The company plans to introduce the latest AI technology to its agricultural operation. Management also envisions utilizing customer data to offer vegetables via e-commerce, including a subscription service. The strategy is to leverage e-commerce to broaden Food’s Style’s fan base and customer data set.

The company plans to share videos to introduce Japanese food recipes, its farm and more on social media platforms—with vegetable sales linked to the video.

Food’s Style USA is confident that it brings the understanding and business expertise necessary to take over both Suzuki Farm as well as the agricultural industry as a whole.

“Japanese food has become very popular in America. We want to help accelerate the trend as a producer of Japanese vegetables,” Yoneda added. “Utilizing the know how we have built from operating restaurants as well as our own restaurants and assets, we are confident this acquisition will create great synergistic effects and can lead to the further expansion of our business.”

About Food’s Style USA Inc.: With headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, Food’s Style USA Inc. has aimed to expand overseas washoku-related businesses ever since its establishment in 2013. It operates franchised Hokkaido Ramen Santouka restaurants across the U.S.

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