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Vitalis Organic Seeds announces new tomato lineup

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Old-world goodness with a twist of modern world traits now available to growers in the continental U.S.

SALINAS, CA — Vitalis Organic Seeds announces their newly developed breed of tomatoes in its Mixologist Collection, now available to growers in the United States.

Mixologist offers the perfect mix of heirloom, old-world goodness with a twist of modern world traits. Explore the myriad of reasons to enjoy the craft and quality of the Mixologist Collection.

This showcase series reliably delivers high marketable yields and impressive post-harvest traits. A showstopper that displays beautifully in gorgeous color-combos and full-bodied shapes. Perfect for wholesale and local markets, and for professional and home chefs alike. The flavors across this collection are as decadent as the libations they are named after; sweet, bright and tangy and complemented by tomato-perfect texture.

From their roots in Italy where Vitalis first bred these varieties, and on to your table, we are proud to bring this innovative collection forward. Your customers and consumers everywhere will be happy you are growing with us.

Features include hearty organic growth conditions. Its disease resistant packaging is highly resistant to leaf mold. Competitive-quality firm fruit withstand handling and while size uniformity increases marketability.

Varieties are adaptable and grower friendly, providing high yields. Striking color combinations make this new Mixologist Collection ready for showtime. Its full-bodied shapes deliver wonderful flavors that range from sweet, tangy and bright. Tomato-perfect textures top its presentation. Notably, the Mixologist Collection of varieties has proven to be a culinary addition to portfolios for producers.

About Vitalis Organic Seeds, North America

Vitalis Organic Seeds, a division of Enza Zaden, is the global leader in organic seed production and breeding. Producers of nearly 500 certified organic varieties distributed in over 35 countries, focused on regional adaptation of premium genetics through 12 local research stations around the world. In the US and Canada, Vitalis produces more than 150 certified organic varieties, including regionally adapted varieties of vegetables and culinary herbs from research stations, in Myakka, Florida and San Juan Bautista, California. For 26 years Vitalis has been setting standards for organic seed for organic production, and has been leading the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian markets since establishing North American operations in 2007. A sustainably-driven, mission-focused organization, Vitalis supports organic production through breeding for organic producers, while supporting the future of organics with enduring support of organic cornerstone nonprofits and stewardship programs across North America. Vitalis Organic Seeds certificates and non-GMO statement can be found on the About Vitalis page at:

Correction: A previous version of this story referred to the tomato line as heirloom. They are not.