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Meal kit provider Sun Basket reviews menu, meals, and cost

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NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Food ordering service expands its lineup of meals and food options while bolstering its customer service and delivery arms

Previously, the online food ordering and delivery service, Sun Basket, was only selling dinner meals. They have recently expanded to include a full selection of breakfast and lunch items as well as healthy snacks. They are also adding more customer service representatives and working to improve delivery speed and times as a response to the increased demand from customers.

Meals are delivered via a courier like FedEx and arrive directly to the customer’s doorstep. Meals can be delivered each day or once a week, based on how the customer orders. Due to current shipping issues in the United States, some orders have been arriving later than expected, causing the food to lose some of its freshness before it arrives. This is one of the issues that Food Basket is working to rectify as it caters to increased sales.

In the past, customers complained about deliveries arriving in the middle of the night with no announcement. With more people ordering from the Sun Basket website amid lockdown orders and stay-at-home orders, the company is making efforts to address delivery timing issues and to ensure orders are packaged and shipped out in a timely manner.

Customer service for this company has been problematic in the past. Customers have complained about late deliveries, spoiled food, and missing ingredients. The Sun Basket customer service department seems to have taken the complaints to heart, however, as reviews have become more favorable lately with many customers noticing an improvement in how claims and service have been handled.

Sun Basket customer Shannon Hanes updated her review from a poor rating to five stars, stating, “Good customer service can and will redeem a bad experience.” Other similar experiences have been reported on customer review portals, noting an improvement in customer service and communication.

Meal order companies like Sun Basket have thrived during coronavirus times, including companies like Blue Apron, Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, HelloFresh, and Sun Basket. Companies that used to offer only take out or dining in options are offering delivery for their customers in some parts of the country as a response to the increase demand for delivery services. These include Shake Shack, Chik-fil-A, and Panera Bread.

More people than ever are ordering their food from home rather than going out to eat, opting for drive thru or even shopping at the grocery. According to Supermarket News, consumers are making fewer trips to the grocery but buying more each trip.

Sun Basket has responded to changing customer shopping tactics by offering expanded menus, new choices for healthy eating, and full-week meal plans that customers can personalize to their liking.

Sun Basket meal delivery orders are up considerably from 2019, but not every company has faired well in this ever-changing economy. Meal kit providers like Chef’d and Kettlebell Kitchen had to shutter as their order numbers dipped. They could not stay financially stable as the economy shifted and didn’t manage to make it through to the increased customer at-home meal kit demands that other services are taking advantage of now.

Sun Basket offers large portion sizes, which consumers have reported are often enough to offer additional servings. According to customer Kay Mason, no Trustpilot, “I find that often I can get enough extra food out of it for another meal or a single lunch.” Large portion sizes give the perception of value, which can give companies the edge in tight economic times when consumers are trying to scrimp and save as much money as possible.

The Sun Basket meal delivery kits menu includes vegan and vegetarian options, designed specifically for people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Their options include gluten-free, pescatarian, low carb, paleo, diabetes friendly, lean meals, vegetarian, seasonal chef choices, quick meals, and Mediterranean dishes. From those options, customers are able to choose a variety of meal plans, with choices that are updated on a regular basis.

Sun Basket meals are advertised as being ready in 20 minutes or less. From prep to cook time, the meals are designed to be quick and simple to put together, optimized for people with little to no cooking experience. Their advertised short preparation time is specifically marketed to appeal to people who have little time to make gourmet meals, but these are also marketed as being selected and designed by professional chefs. The company also advertises clean food, with few additives and manmade substances, catering to customers looking for natural foods.

The Sun Basket cost per meal varies from $10.99 to $20, based on the ingredients that make up the meal and the portion sizes. Strictly vegetarian meals tend to be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, with steak dinners and other high end meals costing more. Customers can save money using current discounts and a Sun Basket promo code, when those are available.

The breakfast options that have been newly made available to customers include a variety of yogurts, oatmeal, granola, eggs, muesli bread, sourdough bread, breakfast to-go bars, and more.

Snack options now offered on the service include seeds, nuts, chips, crackers, cheese, snack bars, raw cacao, cheesecake, jerky and more. These change periodically and include primarily health-focused choices that are diet-friendly and that do not include many of the more common food allergens.

New lunch options that expand the menu considerably are similar to dinner options in many ways but are made with smaller portion sizes and are designed with a shorter preparation time. These meals include breads, barbecue ribs, soups, noodle bowls, empanadas, pizzas, and combo meals that combine meat, vegetables and usually a starch.

The expanded menu does allow for a complete set of meals for the day, and customers can choose to have a full week of meals delivered to them. They can pick what they want for each day, choosing one, two or three meals for the day. They have the option to skip days and to add in snacks and fresh pressed juices to their order.

With an expanded menu, the Sun Basket service is encountering more site traffic and dealing with more orders than before. The Sun Basket prices have remained constant so far, and there has been no announcement yet as to whether the prices are expected to change to help with the increased demand.

Sun Basket is seeing an increase of about 100% in weekly sales, according to their own figures. This is compared to reports from 2019, where the low carb meal delivery service was competing against more established companies with larger reaches in the same market. To help keep up with the demand, a few of the Sun Basket recipes have been removed from the menu. By expanding in key areas and limiting others, the company is streamlining its approach to meal kits and customer orders.

The company is also expanding its social media presence, reaching out to customers via social media, personal messages and other avenues to find out what customers are looking for and to address customer complaints. Looking at Sun Basket reviews, the customer response is shifting in the company’s favor. There are a greater number of favorable reviews this year than there were at the same time last year. Their efforts to engage with customers and meet their demands while streamlining their menu in key places is paying off in both sales and customer approval.

The company has a regular presence on major social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. They are also engaging with their customers through review sites, responding to criticism and praise, working actively to keep customers engaged and not let them know that they are listening to what they have to say. This tactic has worked for other companies in the past, helping to turn around public perception or keep the company’s forward momentum going.

Sun Basket rotates out its meal prep delivery menu items periodically, adding new items and filling out specific types of meal plans more as they become more popular. Its menus are always changing, usually in small ways, with their last major menu overhaul happening in 2019. That was when they went from serving mostly dinner meal plans to expanding their menu to include breakfast, lunch, and snack items.

In an effort to combat competitive pricing from other services, a Sun Basket coupon is offered on coupon sites like,, and The availability of the premade meal delivery coupons changes periodically, as does the amount of the coupons offer.

Consumer shopping practices are already changing since the lockdown orders began last March when coronavirus outbreaks were initially reported in the US. By April, almost all of the states had lockdown measures in place, which dramatically affected grocery stores and dine-in restaurants but was a boon to delivery services. Companies like Amazon saw massive spikes in sales that have carried through much of the year, with some of the biggest spending occurring during December as part of the holiday season.

There are definite spending spikes that can correlate to stimulus checks. As Americans receive their stimulus checks from the US government, companies like Sun Basket see more spending on their sites, but there is an ebb and flow to that kind of customer traffic and income. Another round of stimulus checks is just starting to show up in US citizens’ bank accounts, smaller than the last set but still enough to make an impact on sales in a number of markets.

Prepared meal delivery services like Sun Basket are seeing market saturation in their industry and are having to push back against that. Sun Basket oven ready meals are advertised in the same venues and on the same sites as competing brands. The advertising costs are skyrocketing according to competitor Blue Apron’s CEO Linda Kozlowski. The industry for meal kit deliveries has expanded to $1.5 billion in the US, meaning there is plenty of competition to have to deal with. It becomes increasingly expensive for any company to stand out.

Weight loss meal delivery company Sun Basket saw positive financial and economic growth last year, and is expecting similar results this year, as lockdowns continue around the country. A new strain of Coronavirus has also been reported, and is causing concern among lawmakers, many of whom are poised to put new lockdowns in place for new waves of coronavirus and mutations of the virus.

Companies benefiting from state-mandated lockdowns and restrictions and people who are staying at home are also paying attention to the new vaccine that is starting to be distributed. The World Economic Forum predicts a massive economic change as a result of the virus being administered on a widespread basis. They expect an increase of billions of dollars being pumped into the economy with more people going back to their jobs, production increasing for many companies, and more people getting out of their houses to buy products.

Economies around the world are looking forward to change as a result of the virus, with estimates reaching $460 billion for 10 economies by 2025, according to an economic report issued by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

About Sun Basket

Sun Basket got its start in 2014, founded by Chef Justine Kelly and Webby winner Adam Zbar in San Francisco. Sun Basket provides personalized meal prep delivery services, with food sent direct to customers’ doors and offers a wide array of organic, diet friendly, and healthy foods that are designed to be quick to prepare and easy to cook. They help people to save time shopping and preparing food while still eating healthy and eliminating the guilt from mealtime. Sun Basket’s foods are all professionally sourced and can fit a variety of dietary needs, including Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. These are diet meal delivery plans that are specifically suited to help people reach their weight loss and healthiness goals, with low carb and sugar counts and clean, natural ingredients that consumers trust. To learn more about Sun Basket, please visit the office website or check out their social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.