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Autumn Glory, organics shine in November data

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Yakima, WA – Autumn Glory apple shipments were up the month of November, and recent Nielsen data confirms stellar November sales.

Autumn Glory placed in the top 20 not only nationally, but in all nine Nielsen regions as well. Organic apple and pear sales also soared, with both categories having record organic share.

Nielsen data on the last four weeks ending November 28th revealed Autumn Glory sales were up 88% and volume was up 78% year over year. The 2020 crop year has seen a 16% increase in Superfresh Growers BB #:113721 organic volume of Autumn Glory, and that has also translated to increased sales. Organic Autumn Glory sales were up 559%, and up 575% in volume.

A robust digital marketing plan surrounding Autumn Glory is supporting national and international sales. “In this rapidly changing and dynamic year, we have been focusing on online and social media engagement with consumers. In place of demos, we have found success with social media advertising, sponsored ads, and engaging with consumer through our influencer and blogger community,” explains Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager.

“Regarding organic apples and pears, Superfresh Growers has transitioned a considerable amount of our crop to organics. We are now seeing the benefits of the transition, with record breaking organic category share in November,” continues Gipe-Stewart.

Organic pears represented 17% of category dollars, and 13% of volume, compared to 2020 monthly average of 6% and 5% respectively. Organic apple category share was also at 2020 highs of 16% of apples sales, and 11% of category volume. Organic pears were up 6% in dollars, and 11% in volume. Organic apple sales were up 10% in dollars and 4% in volume.

Looking to the whole of apple and pear categories, promotions were down. “Most concerning is the downward trend of core apple promotions. Honeycrisp continues to reign, but Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, and Pink Lady all deserve more promotions. Lack of which, are dragging down the category,” says Gipe-Stewart. Apple promotions were down -23% and pear promotions were down -13%.

Packaged apples and pears have remained strong during COVID-19, though they have started to move back to pre-COVID volume averages. 40% of apple volume was packaged, which falls to the pre-COVID average of ~40%. 19% of pear volume was packaged, which falls to the pre-COVID average of ~18-20%. Nationally spiking COVID-19 cases have surprising not altered these numbers, yet.

Superfresh Growers is here to support their retail and foodservice partners during COVID-19 and continue to supply safe, fresh, and nutritious fruit.