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Kwik Lok signs ethical charter for responsible labor practices

Kwik Lok – PMA, United Fresh Final 2

Kwik Lok joins more than 90 companies to demonstrate a commitment to workplace safety, respect for worker dignity, compliance and commitment to coordination.

YAKIMA, Wash – Kwik Lok has signed and endorsed the Ethical Charter on Responsible Labor Practices, a collaborative effort adopted by the Produce Marketing Association BB #:153708 and the United Fresh Produce Associations BB #:145458.

Kwik Lok took this step because we share a vision for the responsible production of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The Charter provides a common baseline for accountability and transparency, that can be widely understood, accepted, and applied across the global produce and floral supply chains.

The framework is a cross-industry process for ensuring that people throughout our industry are treated with dignity and respect. “By signing and endorsing this charter, Kwik Lok adds our voice to others who believe that responsible labor practices are not only the right thing to do, but that it is vital to the success of our industry,” said Don Carrell, Kwik Lok CEO.

The Charter contains guiding principles and values intended to set a neutral reference framework for responsible labor practices. The Charter is based on a foundation of employment law, good management systems and sound occupational safety and health practices and covers the following areas:

Respect for Laws at Work: Legal Compliance; Occupational Safety and Health; Wages and Benefits; and Working Hours

Respect for Professional Conduct: Communication and Worker Protections; Ethical Recruitment; Responsible Purchasing Practices; Management Systems and Continuous Improvement

Respect for Human Rights: Employment is Freely Chosen; Freedom of Association; Humane Treatment and Non-Harassment; Non-Discrimination; and Protection of Children and Young Workers

The Charter is supported by two guides and one tool:

The Measurement Criteria: Implementing the Charter is explained in a supporting document, the Measurement Criteria. This provides the definitions and explanations for the principles in the Charter and is an operational document that producers, buyers, auditors or others may use to ensure a consistent interpretation of the Charter. The Criteria are available in English and Spanish.

The Guidelines for Responsible Purchasers: The Guidelines for Responsible Purchasers provides guidance on responsible purchasing practices to help companies facilitate adherence to that principle of the Charter within a supply chain. The Guidelines are available in English and Spanish.

• The Employer Self-Assessment Tool: The Employer Self-Assessment Tool enables a business to evaluate its own performance against the Charter principles, by completing a self-assessment form that will uncover gaps in operations and/or opportunities for improvement. The self-assessment is an educational tool. It is not designed for auditing or verification.

About Kwik Lok

Founded in 1954, Kwik Lok is the global market leader in bag closures. The company produces billions of bag closures every year for baking and produce industries and the machinery for customers to print and apply closures. Kwik Lok brings over 66 years of expertise to deliver advanced engineering and trusted design. Kwik Lok is owned by third-generation family leadership, with a vision to drive greater sustainability in the industry.

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