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Jacobs Farm del Cabo kicks off organic holiday herbs

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Santa Cruz, CA — With the start of the holiday season and Thanksgiving fast approaching, Jacobs Farm del Cabo’s BB #:158898 holiday herb program is in full swing. In preparation, the company is now shipping its popular organic Poultry and Holiday Herb Mixes and their full line of fresh, organic, culinary herb packs.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo’s organic herb mixes provide consumers with a convenient bunch of all the fresh organic herbs they need for their holiday meals. The Jacobs Farm Poultry Mix includes organic rosemary, sage and thyme — the combination of which adds a beautifully aromatic and earthy flavor to home-cooked Thanksgiving poultry.

Also available is Jacobs Farm’s Holiday Mix with organic rosemary, sage, thyme and savory, as well as the Hearty Herb Mix with organic bay leaf, thyme and Italian parsley to complement a variety of holiday meal items.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo also offers holiday shippers for in-store displays to promote cross-merchandising and product pairing.

“Especially during the time of COVID-19, consumers are spending more time cooking at home with fresh ingredients, and they turn to fresh, organic herbs over dried options more frequently than in the past,” sales manager Chris Miele says. “The inclusion of holiday herb mixes alongside a mix of organic and conventional herbs is a strategy that drives category growth.”

Jacobs Farm del Cabo grows a full line of over 30 organic herbs including Italian parsley, spearmint and basil, as well as an ever-growing diversity of niche varieties to cater to a wealth of cultures and cuisines and set them apart — including epazote, Makrut lime leaves, lemongrass and sorrel.

About Jacobs Farm del Cabo:

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo was founded in 1980 as a small organic family farm dedicated to growing fresh, high quality, delicious food without damaging the environment. Today, our unwavering pursuit of social change in sustainable farming and business practices remains at the core of our company.

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