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Starr Ranch Growers offers first 100 percent recyclable pouch bag

Star Ranch Apple Bag Final

Wenatchee, WA – Starr Ranch Growers BB #:281685 is expanding its Emoji character offerings to a new 100 percent recyclable pouch bag.

The recyclable pouch is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Recycled HDPE plastics can be used to make plumbing pipes, plastic rope, children’s toys, and a range of other products. It takes much less energy to create products from recycled plastics such as HDPE than from new plastics, which helps reduce the use of fossil fuels.

“At Starr Ranch Growers we are passionate about using sustainable farming, shipping and packaging practices that will keep our orchards plentiful for generations to come,” said Brett Reasor, company CEO. “When HDPE recycling is done the right way, you can help keep non-biodegradable plastic waste out of landfills and help the environment.”

The 3-pound pouch will be carried first by a club store customer and then be made available to other Starr Ranch Growers customers nationwide.

“We are proud to care for our planet as carefully as we nurture our fruit,” Reasor said.

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About Starr Ranch

Starr Ranch Growers is a family-owned business in Wenatchee, WA, that manages more than 13,000 acres of tree fruit orchards and packs in multiple locations across Washington and Oregon.