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Digital freight platform expands

Hwy Haul, BB #:361445 a leading digital freight platform for fresh produce, based in Santa Clara, CA, announced today that it is extending its technology capabilities to all members of the Blue Book Services.

The decision was taken by the Board in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused unprecedented disruption in the supply chains of fresh produce.

Stockpiling leading to surge demand, inventories running dry putting pressure on growers, anomalous increase in load/truck ratio resulting in massive swings in reefer rates – are just a few of the symptoms that entailed. Hwy Haul has been the partner of choice for Shippers nationwide and matched 100% of their loads with reliable carriers, demonstrating upwards of 99% OTD scores.

Hwy Haul is a next generation digital freight platform for fresh produce that connects Shippers (Farmers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers) directly with Carriers, by introducing end-to-end digital applications and building advanced cold chain compliance.

At a time of overworked teams and volatile demand, Shippers and Carriers can rely on Hwy Haul’s cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology and committed 24/7 customer service to achieve striking levels of operational efficiencies in their Supply Chain.

Syed Aman, Hwy Haul’s CEO, was part of the team at Walmart that built their online grocery platform.

He noted, “We are excited about extending our digital freight offering to the Blue Book fraternity. These are interesting times that nobody has a playbook for. There will be a reset and new normals will prevail once the dust settles down. But, almost with utmost certainty, the one thing that we can predict will be the increase in digital adoption by all and sundry.”

Aman continued, “The shift to digital in the food/agriculture industry is accelerating like never before. Farmers, Growers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and Carriers who embrace technology in these critical few weeks will be better positioned to recover faster and be prepared to eventually run a more profitable business line and have a profound edge over their competition.”

Shippers can sign up online within minutes and start posting their loads. The key capabilities that will be immediately available include:
– Instant Quote for all lanes across America and Canada
– Real Time Freight Tracking
– Active Temperature Monitoring
– Digital Proof of Delivery
– Appointment Scheduling

Hwy Haul is based in Santa Clara, California. Their platform has supported over $100 million in freight transactions and has supplied many marquee corporations, including Costco, Walmart, SAMS Club, Kroger, HEB, Safeway and Hello Fresh to name a few.