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Eat Smart releases new look, salad flavors

eat smart salad logos

SANTA MARIA, CA (February 3, 2020) — EAT SMART, the plant-centered, chef-inspired, 100% clean, fresh salad kit company continues to show consumers that the foods they should eat can also be the foods they want to eat!

EAT SMART’s new logo and package design and exciting flavor combinations attract female shoppers that are looking for convenient packaged foods that are both healthy and delicious.

With shoppers paying more attention to the store perimeters and eating plant-centered diets, EAT SMART believes the produce department, specifically, the bagged salad kit section, is ripe for branding and they are poised to take advantage of that opportunity to capture more retailer shelf space and consumer taste buds.

The eye-catching design on smart convenient packs of EAT SMART’s three salad lines including SUPERFOOD SELECTIONS™, VINEYARD COLLECTION™ and CHOPPED COLLECTION™, has been well received by retailers and consumers alike in the United States and Canada.

EAT SMART has shipped over 3.5 Million packages of their innovative, re-branded product line since its launch in December. According to EAT SMART’s Sr. Brand Equity Manager, Jenny Stornetta, “EAT SMART’s new identity has already tested extremely well. The new brand identity makes it easier than ever to shop EAT SMART with a smart visual language that helps consumers find products that meet their needs.”

EAT SMART is uniquely positioned to build their brand. The company is starting with a passionate and loyal fan base built off their Sweet Kale SKU, the #1 selling salad kit in North America.
They are innovating more options that extend that clean ingredient, delicious, and nutritious foundation. Proprietary research shows EAT SMART users are highly engaged in the category and have a high level of satisfaction with branded options.

SUPERFOOD SELECTIONS™ flavors include Sweet Kale, Asian Sesame, Honey Dijon Kale, Strawberry Harvest, and Wild Greens & Quinoa and are nutrient dense for consumers who are mindful of making healthy eating choices. Full of nutrients and superior flavor, these great-tasting salads are made from the healthiest, most nutrient-dense stuff on earth. 100% clean, fresh, and amazing flavors. 0% artificial dyes, preservatives, and sweeteners.

VINEYARD COLLECTION™ is a palate of wine-country inspired salads that includes Orange Vinaigrette & Bleu and Strawberry Vinaigrette & Feta.

CHOPPED COLLECTION™ will appeal to shoppers who love toppings on their salads with choices including Avocado Cheddar Ranch, Sesame Almond Crunch, Mediterranean Crunch, Apple Gouda, Bistro Bacon, and Southwest.

EAT SMART offers consumers a store locator at EATSMART.NET where they can find their favorite salad at major retailers and club stores in the United States and Canada.

Lori Taylor, CEO and founder of THE PRODUCE MOMS BB #:366223 finds EAT SMART’s re-branded salad lines captivating and has included them in TPM’s recently published “20 PRODUCE ITEMS EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY IN 2020”.

Says Taylor, “THE PRODUCE MOMS did an enormous amount of research and vetting when we put this year’s list together. We look at a variety of determining factors when deciding which produce items will make the cut. EAT SMART’s product line checked all the boxes; healthy, innovative, flavorful, convenient, and most importantly, the ability to get consumers of all ages to eat more produce!”

About CURATION FOODS: CURATION FOODS BB #:117213 is focused on innovating delicious, plant-based foods with 100% clean ingredients and increasing access of plant-based foods to as many people as possible. CURATION FOODS is able to maximize product freshness through its geographically dispersed family of growers, refrigerated supply chain and patented BREATHEWAY® packaging technology to ensure products reach consumers throughout North America in the freshest possible state. CURATION FOODS natural foods brands include EAT SMART® fresh packaged vegetables and salads, O OLIVE OILS & VINEGARS®, NOW PLANTING® pure-plant meal solutions, and YUCATAN® and CABO FRESH® avocado products. For more information about CURATION FOODS visit

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