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Washed Cilantro and Parsley now Available from GreenGate Fresh


Fresh Avenue is excited to announce that GreenGate Fresh is adding washed cilantro and parsley to their high-quality line of fresh cut lettuce, cabbage, tender greens, broccoli, and other items beginning November 1, 2019.

GreenGate Fresh is a farmer and processor of fresh produce, backed by the 100 year farming heritage of the Barkley family. With a singular focus on foodservice, GreenGate focuses on fresh cut items with high food quality, safety, and a short cut to cool times so product retains
maximum shelf life.

“Our customers have been asking for washed cilantro and parsley to add to their orders. It’s these value-added items from GreenGate that streamlines restaurant operations by bringing more food safety, compact storage, and less shipping costs to customers.” explained Fresh Avenue’s Sales Director and Partner, Scott  Bricker.

Fresh Avenue is a sales, logistics, and marketing group that has common ownership with GreenGate Fresh, part of the Barkley Ag family of business, that broadens the reach of GreenGate quality line of products into the national market.

“We are always looking for ways to meet our customer’s needs and very pleased to be adding washed cilantro and parsley to the many quality products from our primary producer partner. But it isn’t just the item we deliver, but a spectrum of services to ensure our customers save time, money, hassle in their operations and are fully supported by our region-based team.”

Stated Mark Vaughan, managing partner for Fresh Avenue.

For more information on GreenGate Fresh’s washed cilantro, parsley, or other fresh cut items, please visit or contact Scott Bricker at