Global Organics: By the Numbers

Zion Market Research estimated the global organic food and beverage market in 2017 at nearly $125 billion and expects a compound annual growth rate of 14.5 percent from 2017 to 2024, reaching $323 billion.

The United States represents 43 percent of organic retail sales, followed by Germany with 11 percent, according to market and consumer data provider Statista. Worldwide, the top three countries with the highest per capita organic grocery revenue were Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden. The United States and Germany ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. Canada ranked seventh.

In Canada, the total organic market was estimated at over C$5 billion. Of the total organic market, food and beverages accounted for the lion’s share of product. Two-thirds of Canadian shoppers buy organic products on a weekly basis, according to the Canada Organic Trade Association.

Demand for organic food and beverages within Mexico is small but growing, with an estimated average growth of 8.4 percent per year by 2022. Demand for organic food products is being pushed by the Mexican government to help reduce incidence of obesity and diabetes in the country.