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Walmart continues to gain in e-commerce

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The market certainly notices Walmart’s significant investment in e-commerce, with the latest example being a Citi survey analysis that shows Walmart rated the best in food delivery among food retailers.

A Yahoo! Finance story quoted Citi analyst Gregory Badishkanian saying “Our analysis found that consumers most frequently indicated that Walmart had the best delivery among food retailers. Additionally, Walmart delivery appeared to be the most accessible, appearing most frequently on respondent rank orders.”

The Citi survey asked 2,000 American consumers, 200 supermarket managers and Citi’s global consumer analysts about online grocery and found several interesting results.

When asked where they ordered groceries online in the last 12 months, Amazon came out on top at 24.6 percent, followed closely by Walmart’s BB #:143789 22.5 percent. Then Target BB #:166987 at No.3, 10.3 percent; Kroger, BB #:100073 8.0 percent; Costco, BB #:150902 5.9 percent; Sam’s Club, 5.8 percent; Whole Foods BB #:147784 5.5 percent; and other, 17.5%.

But when asked which retailer has the best grocery delivery, Walmart was the winner at 29 percent, followed by Amazon at 25 percent. Your local grocery store was 11 percent; followed by Kroger, 8 percent; Target, 6 percent; Sam’s Club, Whole Foods and Costco at 4 percent.

Walmart reported last month that its first quarter of 2019 showed strong e-commerce and online grocery growth.

Retail Editor Pamela Riemenschneider noted Walmart’s seamless ordering and delivery in a recent blog post.

But Amazon is not about to give up its strong position without a fight. It said today it has made more than 10 million products available for free one-day delivery for Prime members, and no minimum purchase, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services