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Black Gold Farms harvesting Texas red and yellow potatoes

black gold farms 2019
(Photo by Black Gold Farms) Black Gold Farms harvests red and yellow potatoes in Pearsall, TX, just south of San Antonio.

Pearsall, TX (May 9, 2019) – Black Gold Farms started harvest of the 2019 fresh crop of Texas colored potatoes earlier this week. The first run fields have indicated that the quality will be better than ever. Steve Wright, Farm Manager of the Pearsall farm says, “I’m really excited to be digging our fresh red and yellow spuds. I’ve seen a lot of really good-looking potatoes come out of this area year after year – and this particular season, I’m especially excited.” Wright recognizes that optimal weather, timing, variety and land selection as triggers that set up the season for success.

Black Gold Farms also has bins available for customers to promote Texas-grown red potatoes.

Keith Groven, Sales Manager at Black Gold Farms explains, “Getting into fresh crop for the year is always exciting – for us at the farm and for our customers. Retailers are thrilled to get their hands on fresh, red and yellow potatoes.” Black Gold Farms recently finished up a strong storage season out of their North Dakota location.

Texas grown red and yellow potatoes will ship from Pearsall, TX as well Black Gold Farms’ Arbyrd, MO packing facility until early June. After that, Black Gold Farms will transition to their Missouri fresh colored potato crop that will pack and ship out of that location for the summer.

Texas is a prime example of where local makes a difference. Black Gold Farms has truly leveraged that consumer demand for local potatoes. “Texas retailers particularly, have witnessed the demand that Texas-grown colored potatoes can create. A lot of product can move when consumers know it’s local” Groven remarks.

Texas locally grown 5# poly packaging and half bins are available for Texas Locally Grown programs for 2019.


About Black Gold Farms

Black Gold Farms is a fourth-generation family farm and grower, shipper, marketer of all types of Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other commodities. They have an extensive network of farm locations throughout the United States, and are headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Black Gold Farms is committed to doing business that provides for quality, innovation, service and transparency with all their business partners.

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