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Half Your Plate Hockey Classic ends with shootout

half your plate winners – QPMA
The Quebec Produce Marketing Association took home this year’s Half Your Plate Hockey Classic after the game went to a shootout finish.

MONTREAL, Quebec—We do golf tournaments and 5K runs at produce events in the U.S., so it only makes sense the Canadian Produce Marketing Association kicks off its annual convention with the country’s national sport.

If you’ve never been to a Half Your Plate Classic hockey game, you’re missing out. I’ve been to several over the past five years since the event launched, and each time I’m impressed with the dedication – and skill – you see on the ice.

The team waiting for the game to finish up this year even asked us who was playing because they were impressed with the skill. It also helps to have guest players from the Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey team on the ice, too.

This year’s game was a lot of fun, with lead changes and high scoring that ended in a tie that led to a shootout.

QPMA edged out CPMA for bragging rights this year, if you’re keeping score – and I’m sure a lot of the players on the ice were doing just that.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.