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South Florida firms see the sun through the clouds

No matter what comes their way, it’s all about perspective for Miami and South Florida’s buyers and sellers.

Frank A. Ramos, president of customs broker, The Perishable Specialist Inc., Miami, believes 2019 will be “a very favorable year as far as volume.”

He is content shipments will get where they’re supposed to go. “We’ve got plenty of manpower and plenty of trucks available for local deliveries.”

For Ramos, whose career spans three decades, it’s all about communication and strong relationships.

“I handle air and my wife handles ocean, and when you have a specific question, you get the owners on the phone.”

As far as fresh produce is concerned, he notes, “It grabbed a hold of me, and I’ve never left. I’ve set my roots in the perishables industry.”

Doug Tannehill, president of exporter Global Perishable Services LLP, Miami, believes it’s important to revisit the roots of good business: “Be nice to people and provide good quality at fair prices. We take care of our customers, and that’s the recipe for success.”

This is an excerpt from the most recent Produce Blueprints quarterly journal. Click here to read the full article.