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Philadelphia embraces winner status

From the cobblestone streets of colonial Philadelphia to the sophisticated state-of-the-art wholesale market, Philadelphia remains an energetic place to trade produce.

Seven years after moving in, the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market’s revolutionized cold chain—with climate zones and expanded loading docks—has helped tenants realize growth from both domestic and global markets.

One of the Market’s taglines is the “future of fresh”—and whether it’s organics, food safety, delivery, or GMOs, the businesses at the PWPM are positioning themselves to be on the cusp of trends to stay relevant at every turn in the produce industry.

Part of this future quest is already in action, since the PWPM was designed with a nod to energy efficiency and sustainability. An 18,000 square-foot recycling and waste processing facility is adjacent to the main market to assure that the shopping area stays clutter-free and clean.

The PWPM recycles cardboard, wood pallets, plastic, and organic waste, which is shipped to local cattle farms.

Philaport and the PWPM are also more connected than ever—they share intelligence, promotions, and a destination for fruits and vegetables from around the world.

“As Philaport improves its infrastructure with a $300 million project that includes channel deepening, we want to do more to help the PWPM’s U.S. suppliers and growers—often farmers in Pennsylvania and South Jersey—gain access to global export markets,” says Dominic O’Brien, senior marketing manager of Philaport.

“We want to expand the Philadelphia area’s global leadership in produce and increase global awareness that Philadelphia is THE place to be for produce logistics, marketing, and sales,” he says.

This year Philadelphia has been a city reanimated. At long last, the Eagles captured their first Super Bowl victory, something the City of Brotherly Love has dreamt about since the football championship began in 1967. Another boon came from the Villanova Wildcats, who cinched the 2018 NCAA basketball championship.

So yes, Philly seems to be on an upswing, and was even named one of the coolest places to visit in 2018 by Forbes magazine. The food scene is continuously invigorated with the likes of ingenious and adventurous chefs, outstanding restaurants, newly revived neighborhoods, and plenty of fresh produce at their doorstep from the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market.

This is an excerpt from the most recent Produce Blueprints quarterly journal. Click here to read the full article.


Christine Hofmann is a freelance writer in the Philadelphia area.