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New York has many success stories

Business is booming, horizons are broad, and those at Hunts Point have plenty of success stories to share.

Stefanie Katzman, executive manager for fourth generation S. Katzman Produce Inc., says the company increased to over 350 employees and has no plans to slow down. The company continues to look for new ways to expand its product line, including more customer-friendly value-added options.

“We have introduced new technology into our operation to improve efficiency,” says Katzman, and “we’ve partnered up with some great new growers and shippers and customers.”

Fres Co LLC has fostered expansion as well, with building renovations, adding to its sales staff, and bringing in independent brokers to service customers throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

On the product line front, Charlie J. DiMaggio, president, is excited about “a new hydroponic deal, which will allow us to harvest product year-round, right from New York City.”

In addition, there’s the new banana label and tropical fruit programs, along with avocado and garlic deals as well.

Fres Co hopes to launch a garlic program in the near future and will be attaching its own label to avocados, offering “various stages of avocados to both our new and existing customers,” DiMaggio says.

J Margiotta Company LLC is also prospering.

“For us, everything is growing steady across the board with the exception of imports and exports, which are growing tremendously,” says James Margiotta, managing member for J Margiotta Co.

“We’re constantly looking at the changes in what customers are asking for and trends, whether it’s local or a certain type of product to stay on top of,” he says. “Demographics are changing in the city, and all over, all the time—it’s an ever-moving target for us.”

This is an excerpt from the most recent Produce Blueprints quarterly journal. Click here to read the full article.


Courtney Kilian, who is based in Vista, CA, and has worked with both domestic and international growers and organizations, including the Natural Resources Conservation Service and California Avocados Direct.