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North Florida farmers markets

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Suwannee Valley State Farmers Market
Located in the town of White Springs on the Suwannee River, this market opened in 1988. The site covers 124 acres and includes 9 tenants.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ offices dealing with Agriculture Law Enforcement, plant sciences, and its Food, Nutrition, and Wellness arm also operate from the Suwanee Valley State Farmers Market. In 2017, the market sold nearly $179 million of product, including mixed produce, seafood, and beans.

Jacksonville Farmers Market
Established in 1938, the Jacksonville Farmers Market is not operated by the state but privately owned by Beaver Street Fisheries. The market spans a total of 9 acres and attracts more than 25,000 shoppers each week.

Starke State Farmers Market
Located in North Central Florida on the 301 North roadway, the Starke State Farmers Market opened its doors in 1938. It includes 9 acres and 3 tenants, including a wholesale supplier that provides fruit and vegetables to retailers throughout the region. In 2017, the market sold more than $6.2 million in product, primarily mixed produce.

Trenton State Farmers Market
The Trenton State Farmers Market was founded in 1965. Spanning 8 acres, the market includes packing facilities and serves both watermelon brokers and local growers. It operates primarily from mid-May to July Fourth. The Trenton market’s watermelon sales reached $1.9 million for its three-month sales operation in 2017.

Palatka State Farmers Market
Located on the St. Johns River in Northeast Florida, this market opened in 1938. The 12-acre site serves as a distribution point for local vegetable growers and wholesale buyers. It also operates a certified truck scale all year, with extended hours during the 90-day potato harvest season. In 2017, Palatka State Farmers Market sold $2 million in perishable products, primarily potatoes.


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