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Fresh Forum: Blockchain

While blockchain usage is in its infancy, experts believe now is the time to explore and prepare.

* First, read up on what key players are doing;
* second, gather information from industry sources; and
* third, have conversations.

Here are a few thoughts and/or recommendations from the experts we talked to:

Ed Treacy, Produce Marketing Association
“Ask your company’s IT personnel what they know about blockchain. If they say ‘nothing,’ that’s the wrong answer.”

Justin Patton, RFID Lab, Auburn University
“It’s better to make a plan rather than having someone give you a plan; ask, how will it benefit me?”

Jennifer McEntire, United Fresh Produce Association
“Think about how you can use data that you might not have thought of before.”

Peter Mehring, Zest Labs
“Look at the technology as a catalyst to improve your business—don’t just do it to meet others’ needs.”

Minos Athanassiadis, HarvestMark-Trimble
“Come up with specific use cases where there is a need for faster, more accurate data tracking.”


This is an excerpt from the most recent Produce Blueprints quarterly journal. Click here to read the full article.


Karen Raugust is a freelance writer who covers business topics ranging from retailing to the food industry.