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Fresh Insight from Trading Assistance

Blue Book Services’ Trading Assistance team handles a plethora of difficulties for our Members, many dealing with the transportation of fresh produce. This quarter’s transportation and logistics supplement focuses on the use of electronic logging devices and what to do about late arrivals.

For help with transportation issues and more, Members can submit a question by visiting the Trading Assistance page within Blue Book Online Services (BBOS) and clicking the ‘Get Trading Advice’ link. Your question will be addressed within one business day. Or, if you already know you need to file a claim, click on ‘File Claim’ to submit information.

Examples of trading challenges can be found in every edition of Blueprints in the Dock to Dock and Produce Pointers articles. This quarter, we examine warm pulp temperatures and how to prove when delivered product is short. Trading Assistance is a feature of Blue Book Membership, so Members should contact us whenever help is needed.

Members can view these supplements within BBOS by going to the Blueprints Quarterly Journal page. Nonmembers can view these supplements on our information site at


Kathi Orlowski is senior project expediter at Blue Book Services, Inc.