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This quarter’s feature article discusses retail giant Amazon and how it is making waves in the retail sector. With such volatility, you may want to keep tabs on key retailers. To do this, members can add retailers to a special Watchdog Group within Blue Book Online Services (BBOS).

First, members can go to “Search Companies,” then the “Classification” tab. Choose “Retail” and “Search.” Other criteria can be added, such as location. When results are provided, select the retailers you want to monitor and click “Add to Watchdog Group.” Members can add companies to an existing Watchdog Group or create a new one (example: ‘Retailers in CA’).

Members also have the option to add these and other companies to an Automatic Update Service (AUS) list. With this feature, members will receive an email or fax when a change occurs to any company on the AUS list. To change AUS settings, members can go into “My Account” and their “User Profile.”

Kathi Orlowski is senior project expediter at Blue Book Services, Inc.

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