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Organic Chemistry

Better price and availability attract consumers and fortify the category
Organic Chemistry

Recent polls support this supposition, finding most Americans will buy organic produce at least occasionally. Though this may be based more on availability or a sale price than ideology, it is still category growth. “Our organics business continues to develop, becoming more of a staple,” Barone explains. Better yet, as more growers become certified and augment supply, and additional retail space is reserved for organics, prices will fall. “We’re seeing more diversity and healthy competition,” he confirms, “resulting in more advantageous pricing for the consumer.”

Czajkowski agrees, adding, “We’ve been able to find new suppliers so more of our customers have a greater selection to offer on a consistent basis.”

Munger sums it up this way, “The future is hypercompetitive: costs will go up, labor is tougher to come by, water is a challenge, and urban encroachment a reality. But we’re fortunate to be in the business of selling health and nourishing people.”





Amy Sawelson Landes spent many years in advertising and marketing for the food industry; she now writes and blogs about produce.